Yadagirigutta Temple Timings

Yadagirigutta Temple Timings

Yadagirigutta temple is situated in the state of Telangana at Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district. This is a popular Hindu temple. It is situated on a hillock. It is a temple of Narasimha, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This temple is named after a sage who had done hard worship to impress Lord Vishnu’s Narsimha incarnation. Yadagirigutta temple timings are mentioned below.


Yadagitigutta History

As per the ancient stories, Lord had visited him in his three Narasimha forms, Jwala, Gandabheranda and Yogananda. The sage begged him to remain in these forms on the hill and his wish was granted. Thus, there is Laxmi-Narayan temple with deities of Lord in three forms at the hill top. The temple is in form of cave which is 30 feet long and 12 feet high.

This temple is 60 kilo meter away from Hyderabad. It is well connected by road and rail both. It is easy approachable and if you want to admire natural beauty it is advisable to go on a road trip.

Yadagirigutta Temple Timings

Yadagirigutta temple timings

Unlike many other temples, Yadagirigutta is opened all along the year with no restrictions at all.  The temple is opened from 4 am to 9.45 pm. Although, the temple is opened from morning 4 but devotees are allowed to enter from 5 am. The whole day is distributed in different time slots for different activities which are being performed in the temple.

Morning one hour is divided into two slots. 4 am to 4.30 am, Suprabhatam event is done. In this event the Lord is asked by the priest to wake up. We treat our deities like a family member and as we wake up our family member we will do the same to the Lord. After that cleaning and bathing process is done for next half hour. Also the Lord is embellished with fresh clothes and ornaments. This is called “Bindu teertham”.

Then there will be different random events being done. It starts with bala bhogam of half an hour which is a breakfast event. It is forwarded with an “Abhishek”  event. Then they do “Archana” which is a prayer process. After that, temple is left for darshan and worship for all for next 4 hours.

After that main deity temple door is being closed for one hour from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm for their lunch process named as “Maharaja Bhogam”. Then again temple is left open for two and a half hours for devotees.

At 3 pm, temple doors were closed again for refreshing the Lord. It is said to be the resting time of Lord. Then doors will open at 4 pm for special darshan. You have book yourself for this special darshan. One can visit and do worship just beside the Lord’s idol. Then at % temple doors will again opened for all for next two hours. At evening 7.30 pm, a mass prayer is being done. It is the one which can be joined by everyone. Tourists and devotees waits for long hours to join this prayer.

After mass prayer, temple remains open for all. Then at 9 main doors are being closed for outsiders and only temple members and priests will be there for Lord’s dinner and sleeping event. Temple finally get closed by 9.45 pm.

Now, as the whole schedule is clear for all the devotees, one can plan their visit according to their comfort and priority. Other than the cave temple, there are many small temples nearby which you can visit in the free time. You will never get to know how the whole day is passed once you are inside.

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