Without leave for over 16 years, principal says it’s his way of life


PUNE: The principal of Dr D Y Patil Homeopathic College, Dharmendra Sharma, has often been mocked for not taking a single leave in the last 16 years of his professional life.

While some of his friends and colleagues taunted him as to “what trophy will he get for his achievement”, others told him that he was just wasting away his life.

For Sharma, however, it is just a way of life. “As every aspiring class XII pass out, I too was aiming for an MBBS degree. But once I got into homoeopathy, I thought whatever you do, be the best in it. So, I decided to ace it,” he said.

He is among the first batch of students trained for under-graduation in homeopathy at the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

“I have never been sick enough to take leaves in the 16-plus years of my professional life. Whenever there are any social commitments, I either attend them after my work hours or on public holidays like Sundays. People who used to get upset earlier are now getting used to it,” he said.

However, this is not something he planned to do. “I didn’t think that it will become ‘a thing’. It just happened that I never took a leave,” he said.After working at the college till 5pm, Sharma also sits at his private clinic from 6pm to 9pm. “My wife understands that I have to work no matter what. There is enough time on Sundays, other holidays and evening hours for me to pursue other activities. I always tell my staff members and students that leaves are not a right, they are a privilege, never misuse them,” he added.

Sharma meets both supporters and detractors of his lifestyle. “There are some who count me as an inspiration, while others mock me and ask if I’m expecting a trophy. Then there are few who say I am wasting away my life by not enjoying it,” the principal said.

G V Shinde, the registrar of Dr D Y Patil Homeopathic College, said, “As per our records, he had availed just one sick leave that too 16 years ago. After that, he has been a regular.” However, Sharma claimed that even this was generated due to some system error. “I never claimed any leave in the 25 years of my career,” Sharma said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Source: Times Of India


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