An Insight To The Waterfalls Near Hyderabad


Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

Waterfalls Near Hyderabad – Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana, a newly proclaimed state of southern India. It covers around 650 kilometers situated near Musi River. Its population count is about 8million, it stands forth in the list of the most populated city in India. The city believes in secularism as the people of the city follow the agenda of living in union with the people of other religion.  

Hyderabad is popular for its enriching history, culture and the trends in food. As it was once the residence to Nizams, princes, and royalties, the place is rich in food, language and heritage. History states that its foundation was laid by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth Qutub Shahi ruler in 1591. It is famous for its historical monuments like Charminar, Makkah Masjid, Falaknuma Place etc.

Four languages are majorly spoken in Hyderabad: Hindi, English, Deccani-urdu, and Telugu. English is spoken widely throughout Hyderabad as it is the language that one uses for administration and business. Hyderabadis are popular for being bilingual.

List of  the Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

Though the city life of Hyderabad is quite noble but one tends to get carried away from monotony of life. People are always in search of something new or some new places to discover. Waterfalls Near Hyderabad are one of the attractions that one looks for in the south.

Waterfalls Near Hyderabad that are the closest

MALLELA THEERTHAM: It is situated 173 away from Hyderabad, it is 150 feet high, and one may visit it for a weekend. Road transport is available to the Waterfalls Near Hyderabad, one may take autos or jeeps from Vatwarlapally.

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ETHIPOTHALA FALLS: It is situated 176 km away from Hyderabad on River Chandravanka, it is one of the popular Waterfalls Near Hyderabad. One usually spends a day at this fall or maybe few hours. The road leading to the fall is quite nicely maintained; one can take public transport or reserve a private vehicle to reach the Waterfalls Near Hyderabad.

waterfalls near hyderabad                                                          Image Source: Wikipedia

BHEEMUNI PAADAM WATERFALLS: It is located 200 km away from Hyderabad; it is believed to be 70 feet high. There are various lakes situated near the waterfalls. Usually one may visit it for a weekend.

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KUNTALA FALLS: It is 260 km away from the Hyderabad city; it is located in the midst of Sahyadri Mountain in Adilabad. It is 200 feet high and also the highest waterfalls of Telangana. It tops the list on the tourist guides. People normally visit Kuntala Fall for a one day picnic and sometimes for a weekend. One may take public transport till Neredikonda village, for reaching the waterfall one needs to take a private vehicle to travel further.  One may trek 500 stairs down to reach the base of the fall.

waterfalls near hyderabad                                                                                 Image Source: Wikipedia

GAYATHRI FALLS: It is situated 270 km away from Hyderabad on Kadem River. It is also known as Mukti Gundam, there are many roads and ways to reach the fall but one is always advised to take a local train from the village called Tarnam Khrud to reach it easily. Normally people visit this for few hours.

waterfalls near hyderabad

Waterfalls Near Hyderabad that are the furthest

POCHERA FALLS: It is located 275 km away from Hyderabad on Kadam River. It is one of the prominent tourist spot of Telangana. It is about 40 feet high. One is suggested not to visit the fall during the peak of monsoon. Post and pre monsoon is the best time to visit the place. One may take public transport till Boath, for further journey till the fall one has to hire a private vehicle.  

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KANAKAI WATERFALLS: It is situated 282 km away from Hyderabad on Kedam River; it is also considered a great trekking place. One usually is recommended to spend few hours at this fall. One may take a public transport till Girnur village, one need to walk 1km further to reach the fall and is recommended to take a villager along as a guide.


SAHASTRAKUND WATERFALLS: It is located 282 km away from Hyderabad on Penganga River, one may visit this Waterfalls Near Hyderabad throughout the year but monsoon is the best time for the visits. One may visit the fall by taking public transport till Nirmal, though public transport is very limited from Niral, one is recommended to take a train to the reach the waterfall.

waterfalls near hyderabad

BOGATHA FALLS: It is situated 200 km away from Khammam, Telangana. It is also referred to as Chikupally Falls. One usually visits this fall for a weekend tour. People can take public and private transport to the waterfall, one may reach the fall by two wheelers pretty close.

waterfalls near hyderabad                                                               Image Source: Wikipedia

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