Vikramaditya – The Golden Throne- Part 1

Throne of King Vikramaditya

Vikramaditya – Long long ago, Ambavathi was ruled by a king who was very brave and charitable. He was highly respected and loved by his people. One of his descendants was king Dharmasena. He had four wives. The first one was from the Brahman caste. The second wife was Kshatriya by caste. The third belonged to the Vaishya community and the fourth was a Sudra.

Vikramaditya Story – The Golden Throne

  • Dharmasena’s Brahman wife gave birth to a son who was named Brahmanit. The second wife, from the Kshatriya caste, bore the king three sons namely Shankha, Vikramaditya and Bhartrihari. The sons of the Vaisya and Sudra wives were named Chandra and Dhanwantri respectively.
  • When prince Brahmanit came of age, he was appointed Diwan of the kingdom was in a state of anarchy. This forced Brahman It to run away from there. After some time he reached the kingdom of Dharapur where your father was the ruler. Brahman it killed him and occupied the throne.

Vikramaditya The Golden Throne

  • After having settled Dharapur ruler, Brahmanit thought of coming to Ujjain. But, as luck would have it, he died soon after he reached there.
  • Brahmanit was succeeded by his step-brother Shankha, born of the Kshatri queen of Dharmasena. He was a weak and an unfit person. So, he could not manage the state. He abdicated the throne in  favour of his younger brother Vikramaditya. He proved to be very tactful,judicious and powerful ruler. His people were much pleased with him.

Vikramaditya Hunting Expedition

  • One day, King Vikramaditya went to the forest on a hunting expedition. The forest was so dense and dark that he had to climb up a tree to spot some game. From the top of that tree he happened to see a city at some distance. That city looked very beautiful and he was tempted to include it in his kingdom. The Diwan of that city was Lutavaran. When King Vikramaditya returned to his palace, he invited Lutavaran to pay him a Diwar. Lutavaran accepted King Vikramaditya’s invitation and came to Ujjain the next day. The King received him very warmly and talked with him about many things for a long time. When the Diwan got a bit free, the King Bahubal’s kingdom. He is truly a great king. Your father Gandharvas used to be his Diwan. Due to some misunderstanding, he was removed from his post. Then he founded the kingdom of Ambavati. You yourself are a great king. All the other rulers, big or small, look towards you for guidance and hold you in high esteem. But, you cannot be the greatest ruler unless you are recognised and crowned by King Bahubal as such.”

Vikramaditya The Golden Throne

  • “Then, what should I do ?” asked King Vikramaditya. “You should go to King Bahubal and try to win his confidence and get yourself crowned by him,” Lutaram told King Vikramaditya. “If it is so, I will go to him and do as advised by you,” said King Vikramaditya with determination.
  • Without wasting any time, King Vikramaditya came to Bahubali’s capital the very next day and met him. King Bhumibol welcomed the royal guest and made arrangement for his stay in his own palace.
  • When a few days had passed, King Vikramaditya asked Lutavaram what he should do. Lutavaram said, “The king is impressed and pleased with your behaviour and learning. Now you should ask him to let you go. At the time of departure, he will ask you what gift you would like a take.

Vikramaditya The Golden Throne

  • This is customary with him. He never lasts any guest go without  a gift of the guest’s choice.” “Is King Bahubal so generous ?” King Vikramaditya asked with surprise.
  • “Yes ! He is. At that time, you should request him to give you the wonderful golden throne which was made by lord Shiva for lord Indra. And, lord Indra had gifted it to King Bahubal. Occupation of this throne shall make you Chakravarti emperor.”
  • Vikramaditya made up his mind to act upon the advice of Diwan Lutavaran. Vikramaditya went to King Bahubali’s chamber to say goodbye to him. Bahubal, as told earlier, was very pleased with him. He said , “Vikramaditya ! I am very happy to you. As you propose to return to your Kingdom, I would like you to accept some gift from me. If shall be of your own choice. There will be no hitch on my part to present you with whatever you like.”
  • “If so, Your Highness ! Please oblige me with lord Indra’s throne,” this King Vikramaditya asked for the golden throne, as advised by Lutavaran.
  • King Bahubal at once ordered his men to bring the heavenly throne there. He offered it to King Vikramaditya and crowned him as Chakravarti Emperor after seating him on that throne.
  • King Vikramaditya was overjoyed at his achievement and happily left for his kingdom.
  • When King Vikramaditya reached Ujjain with the wonderful throne, he was given a hearty welcome. This news had travelled to other kingdoms immediately. A number of big and small rulers came to congratulate him on being made Chakravarti King by King Bahubal. They presented to him precious gifts as a token of their regards for him.
  • One day, King Vikramaditya said to his astrologers and priests, “I wish to perform a great Yajna on a very grand scale. I want you to let me know if I am permitted to do so.”

Vikramaditya sense of Justice

Vikramaditya The Golden Throne

  • The astrologers said, “Your Majesty ! you are a great king that even in the heavens you are remembered with respect. No enemies will be there for you . King may perform any Yajna you like.”
  • The royal priests said, “O King ! You should give a hundred thousand dames and a hundred thousands cows in charity. Give gold and clothes to the Brahmans. This way you are sure to win the pleasure of god.”

Vikramaditya The Golden Throne

  • “I shall do as advised by you, but let me make one thing clear that I am not doing so with the desire of earning any pleasure of any god or to better my next birth. I want to perform this Yajna as a religious duty.”
  • According to royal astrologers and priests the king followed. For full one year he listened to the recitation of Ouranos. 
  • The figurine finished her story here and asked King Bhoj, “O Great King ! Have you ever performed such a Yajna on such a grand scale without wishing for any favour or boon in return ? If not, keep away from this throne.”
  • King Bhoj could not resist his desire of sitting on the wonderful throne. Therefore, with the drawn of the second day, he was again approaching the throne when Chitrarekha, the second figurine said, “Touch the throne only if you are as self-mortifying and courageous as King Vikramaditya was. Listen to this story in this connection.”

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