Vikramaditya – Grant Of A Boon-Part 2

vikramaditya grant of a boon

Vikramaditya Stories – The maker of a period. In the historical backdrop of the world just a couple can be depicted in these words. Vikramaditya the Sixth is one of them. We should have some method for keeping tally of the years, mustn’t we? Something else, when we think about an episode, how might we clarify when it happened?

For the most part we take after the Christian time. 1947 means one thousand and nine hundred and forty seven years after the introduction of Christ. (The Christian Era was taken after just by the Christians of the West. It came to us with the day break British administer in India. This implies Jesus Christ was the maker of a period. The Government of India now takes after the Shalivahana Shaka or Era. It began 78 years after the Christian Era. It takes its name from King Shalivahana. He was the maker of a time.

Around 850 years prior the ‘Chalukya-Vikrama Era’ was in vogue in Karnataka. Vikramaditya the Sixth went to the honored position on the 26th of February 1077A.D. The Chalukya-Vikrama Era started from that date.

Vikramaditya Stories – Grant Of A Boon

  • King Vikramaditya set the working of his administration right within a  short period. There was peace and other every where and the people were once again getting prosperous. Then the King thought of attaining mastery of Yoga. after handing over the reins of government to his younger brother Bhartrihari, he left his palace to live and practice Yoga in the forest.
  • King Bhartrihari was not much inclined towards worldly affairs. When his elder brother Vikramaditya did not return for many years, he began to get restless. One day, due to some misunderstanding he got annoyed with his wife. He shunned the world and went into the forest to become an ascetic.
  • When lord Indra learnt that King Bhartrihari had left the palace without deputing anybody to take care of it, he sent one of his Devas there.
  • It took King Vikramaditya a number of years to achieve mastery of Yoga. when he returned, the Dev did not let him enter the Palace as he had not recognised King Vikramaditya.

    Vikramaditya Stories – Wrestle To Get In

  • King Vikramaditya was in a fix as to how to get in. in the end, the Dev said, “If you are really Vikramaditya, fight a wrestling bout with me. In case you win, I shall let you go inside the Palace.”

Vikramaditya stories - Grant Of A Boon

  • The King agreed and got ready to wrestle with the Dev. both fought for a long time. Ultimately Vikramaditya threw the Dev down and won the bout.
  • Lying on the ground, the Dev, from under King Vikramaditya, said, “If you let me go, I shall protect you from imminent death.”
  • “How ?” asked King Vikramaditya with surprise.
  • “Look ! An oil-seller and a potter are plotting to kill you. The oil-seller, in reality, is the king of Patal and the potter has been living in the guise of a hermit.

Vikramaditya stories - Grant Of A Boon

  • “But, why do they wish to kill me ?” asked King Vikramaditya.
  • “After murdering you, both of them will try to kill each other and then to occupy your heavenly throne. He, who survives the other, shall be the ruler of three worlds. The potter-turned hermit is very cunning.
  • He has somehow brought  the oil-seller under his influence. The oil-seller these days, is living on the top of a tree in the forest. The hermit will one day take you to the temple of goddess Kali. there he will ask you to prostrate before the goddess and will behead you.”
  • “Then what should i do ?” was the King’s question.
  • “In the temple when the hermit asks you to prostrate before the goddess, tell him that being a king you do not know to do so. Then request him to demonstrate and as  soon as he does so, behead him with the sword lying by the side of the goddess. Then bring down oil in the temple,” saying this the Dev disappeared.
  • The very next day, a hermit appeared in the court of King Vikramaditya and asked him to go with him to the temple of goddess Kali for performing Pooja.
  • In the temple, the hermit asked King Vikramaditya to prostrate before the goddess Kali.
  • “Excuse me, Your Holiness ! I am a king and I don’t know how to prostrate properly as I have done so before anyone earlier. Kindly show me how to prostrate and I shall follow you,” said King Vikramaditya with great humility and sweetness.
  • The hermit had no reason to doubt the words of King Vikramaditya. As soon as he knelt to prostrate before the goddess, the King took the sword and beheaded him there and then.

Vikramaditya stories - Grant Of A Boon

  • As directed by the Dev, then King Vikramaditya went in search of the oil-seller. After bringing him down the tree, he dragged him to the temple and threw him, along with the body of the wicked potter, into the cauldron of boiling oil.
  • Goddess Kali was pleases with the sacrifice of the wicked potter and his companion the oil-seller. She appeared there and said to King Vikram, “O Noble King ! I am greatly pleased with you. I grant you,as a boon, two of my ghost-servants who will, now-onwards, protect you against all evil and help you whenever the need may arise. You will only have to remember tem in your heart.”
  • “I am extremely grateful, Mother !” said King Vikramaditya, bowing his head before the goddess. Mother Kali disappeared. Vikramaditya also returned to his palace along with the two ghost-servants.

Vikramaditya stories - grant Of A Boon

  • After telling the story, the figurine Chitrarekha said to King Bhok, “Can you go for self-mortification to such an extent and are you as courageous as King Vikramaditya was ? If so, go and sit on the throne.”
  • The figurine moved back to her place in the throne and King Bhoj once again returned to his palace with his desire unfulfilled.

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