Vellore Golden Temple Timings

Vellore Golden Temple Timings

Vellore Golden Temple Timings refer to the schedule of rituals performed at Sripuram Narayani Temple. Inside Sripuram Spiritual Park in Vellore, at the foot of small range of green hills, there situated the golden temple, at Malaikodi village. It is the awesome temple with such a golden beauty. It is gilded with 1500 kilo grams gold. It is just double than what is made in Golden Temple Amritsar. The Golden Temple complex is just 8 kilometers from Vellore village at Tamilnadu and 120 kms from Tirupati. Pilgrims from all over India comes to visit the temple according to its timings.

Vellore Golden Temple

The chief deity of Golden Temple is Lakshmi narayani, the consort of Lord Vishnu, whose vimanam (the deity’s ride) and ardha mandapam (The deity’s sitting place) is covered fully with pure gold. The temple is located in around 100 acres of land area and being constructed by Vellore based trust headed by spiritual leader “Narayani Amma”.

Sripuram Golden Temple

The structure of this temple is designed by experts who have experience in building temples and that too with gold. Each and every design was so clearly intricate that one should feel obsessed with the art. Every single detail of the designs was manually created and that have essence of Hindu vedas in it. 9 to 10 layers of Golden foils are mounted on copper plates. This gives the facility to make clearance of designs and its specifications.

The temple took around 7 years to get constructed. Around 400 goldsmiths and copper-smiths took part in the construction.

Vellore Golden Temple Timings

The temple is open for pilgrims all along the year. The timings of temple are 4 am to 8 pm in evening. But it is open for darshan from 8 am till 8 pm. In between, time to time, several regular rituals are being processed like morning aarti, thomala seva, abhisheka, etc.

AT 7 am, temple allows two devotees for darshan and a ritual of flower decoration being performed. Devotees can also sponsor for the flower decoration of Goddess Lakshmi. Preceding to this, a swarna pushpa archana is done. In this beautiful seva, the deity is decorated with 108 golden flowers.

Golden Temple Vellore Timings

After this, devotees can do their own rituals and worship according to their choice. They can even sponsor for the cloth decoration and prasadam ritual too. In one of the seva, the devotees have to feed the holy cows who are kept by the temple authorities. Every month on full moon day, four selected devotees can perform chandi homam ritual. This worship is done in the evening time after 6 pm.

Golden Temple Dharshan

There are two type of darshan available. One is free, another is paid. In free darshan, pilgrims have to go through the regular queues and have to wait for 2-3 hours depending on the crowd to pay their visit to the idol. The through paid visit, they charge you 250/- per person, and you can get the darshan immediately without getting into queue. So if you are not a paid visitor, then keep patience to the fullest because there are huge crowd daily to pay their visit to their idol.

Everyday several puja and seva rituals are performed and all the devotees can take part in that according to their own choice.

Golden Temple Vellore

The temple is spread over an area of 100 acres. It is a new temple inaugurated in 2007. The full temple is designed with pure gold. The pilgrims have to go through a star-shaped pathway to reach the sanctum. It is located inside a heart shaped compartment. The idol of Shri Mahalakshmi inside the temple is also made of pure gold and weighs about 70 kilograms.

Vellore Golden Temple Dress Code

The temple is open for everyone. There is no restriction of caste and creed. Anyone who has the faith on God can visit here anytime. There is no particular or strict dress code to be followed at the temple during darshan timings, but still the devotees are expected to wear decent dresses so that the sacred environment of the temple do not get disturbed.

The temple is easily reachable from all the means of transport. It is 8 km from Vellore bus stand. The crowd is not only of the pilgrims but also the visitors who came here to see the eternal beauty which lies in the heart of the temple.

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