Valley of Flowers National Park

Valley of flowers national park

Valley Of Flowers

Valley of Flowers National Park, the name itself exudes a sense of surreal nature that can only be captured in hearts, not in words and not even in pictures. Perched high above at the altitude of nearly 13,000 Feet in the Garhwal hills of western Himalayas, Valley of Flowers National Park is popular for its leas of rare Alpine flowers and the breathtaking natural beauty. Stretching in an area of 87.50 km2, Valley of Flowers National Park is the jewel of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.  In the East, the beautiful landscapes of Valley of Flowers National Park touch the widespread mountains of Nanda Devi national park. This Park was established as a National Park in 1982 and just after six years in 1988, it was declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  In 2004, Valley of Flowers National Park added another feather in its cap when it became the part of ‘UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reverses’. Earlier, this paradise place was unknown to the outside world.  Thanks to Frank S Smith who discovered it in 1931.

How to reach Valley of Flowers

Reaching the Valley of Flowers National Park is very fun and experimental. Whether you’re going by rail, air, or car, your first destination is Govind Ghat, a town set on the bank of Alaknanda River, because it is the only gateway to the Valley of Flowers National Park. Getting Govind Ghat is very easy. As it is located in National Highway number 58, it is well connected to the every corner of Uttarakhand.  The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport and the closest Railway Station is Rishikesh and they both are about 280 km away from Govind Ghat.  After arriving Govind Ghat, you have to commence a trekking journey of 16 km to reach the Valley of Flowers National Park because transports are only connected upto Govind Ghat.

Valley of Flowers Best Time to Visit

In order to experience the beauty of flower valley, plan your tour by end of JUNE(month every year). You will be able to witness flowers changing their colors from white to blue. Starting of the month the glaciers start melting and thus the new plants start growing will give you scenic beauty of the Valley.

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers National Park

There are unnumbered of national parks in India but the enchanting serene beauty of Valley of Flowers National Park is matchless. Here are some points that will give you a touch of this unique exquisiteness.

Flora & Fauna

When the park itself names the Valley of Flowers, you can assume the richness of flora in the Valley of Flowers National Park. Here, as far as your eyesight can reach, there is only and only lush greenery hued with multi-colored flowers. It is truly a treasure trove of unequaled floral diversity on the earth. The park is endowed with over 650 species of alluring flowers and myriads of medicinal herbs. Primula is one of the most beautiful flowers found in this park. This picturesque place not only houses unexceptional floral beauty but also an array of diverse fauna. The Valley of Flowers National Park is a natural habitat for many rare and endangered animals such as Snow Leopard, Asiatic Black Deer, Musk Deer, Thar, Brown Bear, Red Fox and Blue Sheep. The endemic flora & fauna are the heart of theValley of Flowers National Park.

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers Trekking

If you’re an adventurous and a nature freak, the Valley of Flowers National Park is the best place for you. Besides the fascinating beauty of nature, trekking is the best thing you can experience here. In fact, without this your Valley of Flowers National Park trip won’t be completed. The widespread majestic mountain ranges encompassed by snow give a dreamlike trekking experience.

Hemkund Sahib

How beautiful the Valley of Flowers National Park is!  As if its natural and adventurous beauty was not enough to captivate the visitors, it also holds such a strong religious significance. On your trip to Valley of Flowers National Park, you can’t afford to miss a visit to Hemkund Sahib. Nestled amid the snow peaks of Himalayas, Hemkund Sahib is a very sacred pilgrim for Sikhs as well as for Hindus. For Sikhs, because their tenth Guru, Guru Govind Singh meditated here on the shores of snow lake. This star shaped Gurdwara is regarded as the most revered place in the Sikhs community. For Hindus, this place is venerable because it is linked with Indian epic Ramayana. It is said that the magical herb to resituate Lakshman was fetched from here only. A temple dedicated to Lord Lakshman is also sited here.

The world heritage site Valley of Flowers National Park is undoubtedly a paradise on the earth. Adorned with bewitching scenic beauty, this place is encompassed by glittering glaciers, gigantic mountain ranges, lovely flowers, cascading waterfalls and crystalline streams. The nature blooming against the snow-capped mountains is something you can witness nowhere except in the Valley of Flowers National Park. This place unfolds a unique charm and charisma of nature every other day. If you’re a photography enthusiast, your camera can’t find a better place than this. So come along with your camera and capture the exalted panorama of nature in your heart as well as in reels. As it is a snowy area, it only opens from June to September. It means it has been opened. Pack up the bags friends.

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