Vaitheeswaran Temple – Place For Curing Body And Soul

Vaitheeswaran Temple Photos

Vaitheeswaran Temple or Pullirukkuvelur temple is located in Sirkazhi of Tamil Nadu State, a home to many other magnificent temples and numerous holy places.

Vaitheeswaran temple is the home to Lord Shiva; he was locally referred as “ Vaidyanathaswamy ” who cures people’s diseases.

Vaitheeswaran Koil – Place For Curing Body And Soul

Vaitheeswaran Temple Photos

This temple is one among the 9 Navagraha temples located in Tamil Nadu, and it is associated with the planet Mars (Angaraka) or Sevvai. Besides this the other Navagraha temples includes-

  1. Sooriyanar Kovil – Surya Navagrahastalam
  2. Thingaloor – Chandra Navagrahastalam
  3. Thiruvenkadu – Guru Navagrahastalam
  4. Kanjanur – Sukra Navagrahastalam
  5. Thirunallar – Shani Navagrahastalam
  6. Thirunageswaram – Raahu Navagrahastalam
  7. Keezhperumpallam – Ketu Navagrahastalam
  8. Alangudi – Guru Navagrahastalam

This temple is located on the northern bank of river Cauvery, and it is one of the 276 dedicated temples to lord Shiva in the region. People who visit this temple will have their souls cured with the aid of pleasant atmosphere prevailing in this shrine.

Vaitheeswaran Temple – Legend

A number of ancient stories throw light on this temple’s history. According to one of the story, Lord Angaraka or Mars, the overlord of zodiac signs of Aires and Scorpio was suffering from Leprosy.

After taking a holy dip in the waters of this temple premises, his disease was cured. Hence people who visit this temple strongly believe that taking bath in the waters of Siddhamirtham tank can cure all ailments.

Vaitheeswaran Temple - Siddhamirtham tank

Whereas according to another legend. Jatayu the nephew of Garuda (vehicle of Lord Vishnu) used to offer prayers to lord Shiva In this temple.

When Jatayu attempted to rescue Lord Sita from the clutches pf demon king Ravana, it lost its life. Lord Rama along with his brother Lakshamana immersed the ashes of Jatayu in the waters of this temple.

Another story is in existence with regard to the history of this temple. Subramanya the beloved son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi fought a fierce battle with a devil named Tharakasuram brother of Surapadaman.

In this story too good won over evil. However there were a lot of casualties on the side of Subramanya. Therefore Lord Shiva incarnated as Vaidyanathaswamy and cured all the soldiers from their wounds. In this temple Subramanya was worshipped as Muthu Kumaraswamy.


Belief in the holy waters of Vaitheeswaran Temple

There are nearly 18 holy tanks (Teerthams) within Vaitheeswaram Koil temple. Out of them Siddhamirtham tank was considered to be the most sacred one. People strongly believes that a dip in this tank can take away all of their diseases.

This tank was also known as Goksheera, where the milk flowed into this tank while Kamadenuvu was performing Abhishekam to Lord Shiva. It is said that this water tastes so sweet and consists of many medicinal properties.

Vaitheeswaran Temple - Abhishekam to Lord Shiva

People used to mix Jaggery in this water, but in recent times this was strictly contained by temple officials.

Importance of Vaitheeswaran Temple

Lord Vaidyanatha was considered to be the kuladaivam by many local residents. Therefore the first tonsure of child in the family was usually performed here.

Another peculiar thing about this temple is unlike all other temples in entire India, where only a single or group of priests offer prayers to god on behalf of devotees. Here every different priest associates himself with different people and perform poojas for them.

Tuesdays were especially dedicated to the worship of Angaraka. It is believed that by observing fast for 21 consecutive Tuesdays one can be freed from the negative influence of mars in their life. Besides this devotees follow the practice of offering flowers, grains, annadhanam etc.

Magnificent Vaitheeswaran Temple

One can observe the beautiful carvings of gods and goddesses on gopurams, which tells us stories from Paraná’s. The temple has a five-tiered gopuram along with many mandapams.

All of the gopurams were aligned in a straight way. Lord Vaitheeswaram was present in the form of Lingam, at the centre shrine.

Even a temple was constructed and solely dedicated to the god of Ayurveda i.e., Dhanvantari in this sanctum.

Vaitheeswaran Temple – Nadi Jyotishyam

Nadi Jyotishyam a form of Astrology was popular in the region of Sirkazhi. This practice involves predicting a person’s past, present and future with the help of ancient leaf manuscripts and a person’s thumb impression.

Vaitheeswaran Temple – Nadi Jyotishyam

In this region many astrologers, since ages preserved manifold leaf manuscripts and passed onto generations, which continues to thrive even to this day.

They were said to be the works of Tamil sage Agathiyar written in ancient Tamil script i.e. Vatteluttu.

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