Top 10 Astonishing Sai Baba Miracles That Will Make You Speechless

sai baba miracles
Sai Baba Miracles

Sai Baba Miracles – Baba’s statement on his miracles “I perform Miracles only to increase your faith”. Once Sai Baba told his devotees that he would leave his body and come back after 3 days. Accordingly Baba returned after 3 days. Baba then said: “I am performing miracles only to increase your faith. But miracles don’t constitute the ultimate goal. I am fulfilling your desires through miracles so that one day all of you will desire that which I want you all to desire (ie., liberation).” Hence Baba turned many people towards the right path. He created in them an intense yearning for Self Knowledge and thereby bestowed them with peace.

Sai Baba Miracles

1) Turning Water Into Oil and Lighting Lamps

2) Stopping the Heavy Rain and Saving Devotees Life

3) Increasing Water Level in a Well in Shirdi

4) Premonition of burning fields

5) Saving a child from drowning

6) Flow of Godavari River from Baba’s feet

7) Predicting Lizards Movement

8) Taking Illness on Himself

9) Helps Chand Bhai Finding his Horse

10) Seperation of Body Parts (Kanda Yoga) and Cleansing Process (Dhauti Kriya)


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Sai Baba Miracles PDF

Sai Baba Miracles in Real Life

1) B.V. Narasimha Swamy, the author of Bhagavan Ramana’s first biography ‘ Self Realization’ made Baba (Shirdi Sai) famous throughout the world. Once he was seated in front of Baba’s Samadhi. Somebody put a money bag on his lap while meditating. It was a miracle. He constructed a Baba’s temple in Mylapore (in Madras) using this money. His Samadhi can also be found in the same temple.

2) Neelanjana Pathak, I write this with the explicit purpose of infusing Faith, Patience and unshakable belief in Baba’s benevolence in all His devotees. I have been fortunate enough to be a recipient of Sai’s Grace for more than two decades now. Yet, I confess that there have been weak moments when I have faltered, given up or despaired as may happen with any of us. However, every weak moment has ended with a new consciousness and conviction that God’s ways are beyond comprehension. Always one must have Shraddha and Saburi. A recent incident made me understand that even when the giver is generous and willing to shower a bounty, if there is a fault in the recepient, there is no way to contain the blessing.

What is of immense significance is to be in a state to receive the generosity. To speak in terms of a metaphor, if a container is to be filled, the first step is to open the lid. In the case of a devotee, if divine intervention is expected, it is mandatory to first efface all traces of ego,
negativity, doubt and skepticism, which act as barriers to the inflow of God’s Grace i.e. they act as a lid to a container that cannot hold any water even if there is a shower of rain from above. Some days back in the course of a routine health check up, my blood sugar levels appeared as raised. Diabetes has ever been a phobia to me.

Consequently, I was highly disturbed-this anxiety further worsened my next report. The doctor told me to get myself re-examined after a fortnight after disciplining myself and making some life style changes. I followed the doctor’s guidelines and prayed day and night to Sai Baba for a miracle. Remarkably, dear devotees all through this fortnight, I kept receiving signals from Baba that He was hearing my entreaties-I dreamt of Baba blessing me with both His hands. Where ever I was, whenever the thought of being unwell crossed my battling mind, within seconds I would spot a picture of Sai Baba on routes which I had been travelling for years. Yet, the hard core pessimist that I admit I am, I kept imagining the worst that could happen to me-not just diabetes but all that it could result in! I could not even gather the courage to go in for the tests recommended.

Sai Baba Experiences

However, on Thursday, after I came out of the Sai temple, I instantly decided to have all possible tests conducted without a trace of stress. Everyday, as part of my daily routine, I watch the live telecast of Samadhi Mandir which boosts up my spirits like nothing else. Before the
report arrived, I watched the evening Aarti and had a mystic experience of Sai blessing me in the Aashirvaad mudra with His right hand. Tears rolled down my eyes and I knew He had taken charge of everything without punishing me for my doubts. Sure enough, the reports were absolutely normal-in fact, the regulated, disciplined regime made me feel healthier.


My doctor was surprised as to how soon and without any medical aid everything was back to normal. He even added that since there were no observed symptoms, there was a chance that there could have been an error in the earlier report. To me Baba had given yet another indication that miracles never cease to happen. What is needed is cent percent faith and complete surrender. This incident made me realize that I need to add a word in my prayers to be made worthy enough to be the beneficiary of His blessings. I need to focus more on strengthening my ‘paatrata’ to use an apt Hindi word. May Lord Sai continue to reign in our lives so that forever and ever devotees are drenched in His rain of blessings. Om Sai Ram.

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles

3) Smitha, With your grace and loving glance, you touch upon so many lives We sing and dance and pray to you, with a hope that you will sail us through.
The shadow of gloom turns in to ray of hope, when your name is said with a request.
You give us assurance and we follow you blind.
There is something that tells us that you’re behind.
In all our happiness and distress, you are there for our contentment.
We know that you will guide us in thick and thin, O my Lord Sai please come within.
Your magical aura reflects the glow, assures us that there is nothing that would harm any more.
Today, I thank you for the wisdom and compassion you have shown us to.
Let your radiance be spread far and wide and continue to enlighten us for years and guide.

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