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King Vikramaditya stories – King Bhoj, the ruler of Ujjain, was one of the most renowned kings in the Indian history. His name is even today remembered with respect because of his open-handedness and sense of justice. His rule is well known for peace and prosperity. His sense of justice is popular as King Vikramaditya Stories.

King Vikramaditya

King Vikramaditya - Legendary King of Gupta Times

Stories of King Vikramaditya

  • One day, when King Bhoj was holding his court, a Brahman appeared there. He was accompanied by his wife and a friend who belonged to the Trader caste. He prayed to the King. “O Lord ! This man is a friend of mine and is a big merchant. Last year, before leaving for pilgrimage, I gave three precious stones to him in trust to keep them in safe custody. Now, on my return, when  I asked hima to give me back those stones, he refuses to do so. I want justice at your hands and beg you to me me back my precious stones.”
  • After listening to the Brahman, King Bhoj said to the Trader. “O merchant ! Do you plead guilty to the charge of dishonesty levelled against you by your Brahman friend ?”
  • “No, My Master ! He is telling a lie,” replied the Trader, “This is true that while proceeding on pilgrimage stones to keep in my custody. But, when he failed to return for a number of months, his wife took those stones back. His allegation of dishonesty against me is nothing but untruth.”
  • Then the King asked the Brahman’s wife to tell the court whether the Trader had returned those precious stones to her which her husband had given to him in trust.
  • “No. Your Honour ! He is a liar. It is for the first time since my husband left for pilgrimage that I am meeting him here. Hence,how could he return those stones to me ?” said the Brahman’s wife.

King Vikramaditya

  • The Brahman’s charge and the statements of his wife and his Trader friend put King Bhoj in a fix. After brooding for some time, the King said to the Trader, “You have said that you had given back the Brahman’s stones to his wife. Can you produce any witness before whom you handed over the stones to the Brahman’s wife ?”
  • The headman of the village and the priest of the temple were called to the court and when asked by the King, they confirmed what the Trader had said.
  • After giving thought to what all, those concerned, had said in the court, King Bhoj delivered his judgement, “This Brahman is a liar. His friend, the Trader, had no doubt  returned his precious stones to his wife.”
  • Then addressing the Brahman,King Bhoj further said, “therefore, he is acquitted of the charge and you are warned not to cheat anybody in future.”
  • The poor Brahman was stunned at the judgement given by King Bhoj. with a heavy heart, he said, “ You have not donne justice to me. You have done great injustice to a poor Brahman. I wish I had gone to the cowherd who has the power to sift truth from untruth.”
  • “If you have faith in that rustic, I am prepared to go to him with you,” said the  Brahman’s Trader friend with anger. “Yes ! I will go and seek justice from him,”saying so with great anguish,the Brahman left King Bhoj’s court.
  • The Trader also went away with a smile on his face. After the Brahman, his wife and his friend had gone, King Bhoj said to his minister, “Who is this cowherd who has won the faith of the faith of the people as a judge ?” “Your Majesty ! I have never  met that cowherd myself. It is said that he is a resident of Gopalpur. He daily goes to a nearby forest and there sits on a particular mound. While seated on that mound, he listens to the complaints and suits of the people and decides them. The people accept his judgements without any objection. But I feel that village folk have just blind faith in him out of their simplicity,” said the minister.

Throne of King Vikramaditya

King Vikramaditya - Throne of Vikramaditya

  • “No ! It cannot be so. There must be some truth in this, otherwise people can never have such a deep faith in him. Tomorrow. I shall myself go there and see where I have gone wrong in the matter between the Brahman and his Trader friend,” said King Bhoj.
  • Next day, King Bhoj reached the mound in the forest with his minister. They were in the guise of ordinary men. The Brahman, his wife and his friend were also standing among the crowd around the mound.
  • Soon, a young cowherd came there and sat on the mound. He at once shouted, “Go and bring King Bhoj here ! I will tell him what justice is and how it is done…… The  Trader and both of his witnesses should move away and stand there at the end of the assembly. They will come forward only when ordered.”
  • Then the merchant, the village headman and the priest moved away from the mound and stood at the end of the crowd. Then the cowherd asked the Brahman to explain his stand. After listening to the Brahman, he called the village headman and said, “Tell me the size and colour of the stones given by the trader to his Brahman friend’s wife.”
  • “They were of the size of a lemon and were of blue colour,” replied the headman. “O.K. Get aside and stand there,” saying so, the cowherd called the priest. The priest came forward and stood before the cowherd.
  • The cowherd asked the priest, “You must have seen the stones when they were being handed to the Brahman’s wife by the Trader ?” “Yes, I did,” replied the priest. “Then,tell me the hue and size of those stones,” asked the cowherd.
  • “The stones were of the red hue and they were pea-sized,” said the priest. “Well ! Go and stand by the side of the village headman,” ordering thus the priest, the cowherd called the Trader before him and said, “You rascal ! You are a liar. You have tried to cheat an innocent Brahman. Now, tell me what you have given to your witnesses to tell lies.”
  • “I beg your pardon. I confess my fault,” saying this the Trader fell at the feet of the cowherd. “Alright ! Give back the Brahman’s property to him at once,” ordered the cowherd. The trader immediately returned the stones to the Brahman.
  • When the Trader was going to leave the place, King Bhoj sid, “Stop ! This cowherd has only done Justice. The cheat will be punished by me.” “Who is that ?” asked the Trader and his two friends. When they looked back they recognized the King and began to tremble with fear. All those present there were surprised. The cowherd also climbed down the mound. Looking at him, King Bhoj said, “I have seen you do justice. You really possess the true sense of it. But how do you do so ?”
  • The cowherd replied, “Whenever I sit at this mound, I am possessed with the power of discernment.  Don’t know how it happens. i find truth and untruth in clear forms, separate from each other, before me. I simply say what I see.”
  • “Oh !” said the King and wondered at what the cowherd had said. He decided to talk to the royal astrologers.
  • Next day, early in the morning, King Bhoj called his astrologers and other sages to his court and told them about the mound. Then he asked them what all that meant. After going through the books of knowledge, the head of the royal astrologers said, “O King ! whatever is causing this strange happening is under the mound. So, to find about that supernatural power, the mound should be dug into.”
  • King Bhoj immediately issued orders for digging into the mound. After a few days, the diggers found a grand royal throne buried under the mound. They at once informed the minister, who,in turn, gave this news to the King.

Intelligence of King Vikramaditya

  • The king got that throne out. The royal astrologers looked at the throne for some time and then said, “It appears to belong to some god.” The throne was bedecked with jewels and its seat was supported by7 beautiful fairy like figurines, eight in number on each of the four sides.
  • For remaining buried under the mound for an unknown number of years, the throne had faded at places and a few of the jewels had been detached.
  • King Bhoj got the throne renovated at a heavy cost. It was a unique piece of art and value. It was made of gold and the jewels in it were very bright and large. Everybody was wonder-struck and overawed at its very sight. The figurines around it looked full of life and ready to sing and dance.
  • The King’s astrologers found an auspicious day for his enthronement. On the fixed day and time,  King Bhoj stood before the throne and took up his right foot to climb it . at that moment, the figurines around the throne began to laugh. The King and his courtiers were taken aback. They looked at them in astonishment. The king asked them who they were and why they were laughing.
  • The first figurine, whose name was Ratnamanjari, came forward. She said to King Bhoj, “O King 1 You are no doubt very powerful and rich.
  • But this throne belongs to that King who was much more powerful and far richer than you are. Of course you possess a trait which that King did not. And that is your conceit whereas he was a humble man.”
  • The figurine statement enraged King Bhoj. he felt insulted and said, “I shall get this throne destroyed.”

Greatness Of King Vikramaditya

“Exactly this is the difference between you and the great king Vikramaditya. Though he ruled over all the lands and seas, yet he never felt proud of his greatness. He once realised his folly. He said, “Why ? I don’t understand what you have said.” “Tce, you do not deserve to sit on this throne.” King Bhoj at hen listen to me,” saying this Ratnamanjari, the figurine, told a story to King Bhoj.

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