This Guy’s Journey Across The Country To Visit All The State Capitals Is Truly Inspiring!

Journey across india

Imagine getting up from your warm and comfortable bed and going to the answer the door. I know I’m describing a terribly hard and unthinkable deed, so our parents or friends or anyone except us end up doing it. I am one of these people too, so I was truly shocked and amazed when I heard the story of Srinivas Adulla who rode to all the capital cities of Indian States on his bike. It is truly inspiring how he bravely took off on the journey all alone and has come out of this adventure with an array of beautiful and timeless moments.

Even though we are the laziest souls on earth, it’s our dream to ‘grow up’ and go on a solo trip, even if not Leh Ladakh, somewhere as near as Vizag is enough to make us feel all responsible and realize your true calling through this journey. Similarly Srinivas has to thank this adventure for all the introspection, the wonderful people he met, the multiple cuisines he could try. On this journey he met common people and with them he gathered all the amazing and priceless stories. “We are all made of stories” is a quote that is truly applicable to Srinivas. He could live their lives and be a part of their feelings for whatever time he was with them and these are the memories he will always cherish.

52 Days and 14625 Kms, these numbers don’t even begin to describe the experiences he has had during the journey. With each state he progressed he has made different friends and tasted different cultures through the variety of cuisines he has tasted. His muddy shoes and bike are a symbol of pride for him, they remind him of all the stories he has collected and the tough but a learning experience. His helmet has all the names of the capitals of India; this is the benchmark he has set for us to achieve. It is just not the number of days or kilometre but the courage he mustered to go on this adventure, the growth he has seen in himself and the amazing life lessons he has received.


Source: Chai Biscuit


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