Thiruthani Temple

Thiruthani Temple

Thiruthani temple or “Thiruthani Murugan temple” is the greatest Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu, India. It’s build on a hill called “Thiruthani” that’s why the name of temple becomes famous.

Thiruthani Temple

Hinduism is the greatest and wide religion of India. It is the Third largest religion after Christians and Muslims. It is said in old Ethology that Hinduism has 33 crore Gods and Goddess.  Thousands of temples stated in India, and Thiruthani Temple one of them, and it is dedicated to lord “Murugan”. Thiruthani composed one of the Six Padai Veedu temple of Skanda, and it is one of them and it is said that “Lord Subramanya” stayed here after killing the devil.

Thiruthani Murugan Temple History

The structure of temple was built by Pallava emperors in 9th century. But the renovation done by Chola kings they did great job for temple, the structure was decrepit, so in Chola reign the temple got the new birth or new look.

Legends about Thiruthani Temple

Many interesting stories are attached with this temple, which you can hear from temple’s priest or from locals. It is said that Lord Murugan married with Devasena who was daughter of Indra (heaven’s God). So after marriage Indra gifted an elephant to Lord Murugan named Airavata as a dowery. But after some time Lord Indra feels that his wealth becoming demines, so lord Murugan decided to return back the elephant to Indra, but lord Indra do not want to take it back, because it was given as a gift, so he refused to take it back, but he said too lord Murugan that if he will keep the elephant’s face to the east, then my wealth will be increase again. Lord Murugan accepted his request and, place the elephant’s face to the east, still in the temple the elephants facing towards east.

Except that the incarnation of Lord Rama prayed to Murugan here, because when he killed Ravana, so he was feeling guilty, because Ravana was a Brahmin, and that time Brahma hatya was a great sin. Legends also indicates about Mahabharata times when Pandavas expelled from empire then one of them named Arjun, used to prays Lord Murugan during his south journey.

Architecture of Thiruthani Temple                  

There is 365 stairs of temple, which is the symbol of 365 days of a year. When the New Year comes thousand of devotee comes to Thiruthani temple for visit to their Lord Murugan, and feel blessed. Thousands of people gather here and burn camphor and light on each step, and prays that like each step of lighting their each day will spend with light and peacefully. You can book a room or have reservation by contacting temple’s authority and enjoy the New Year and other festivals, all atmospheres fill with music and positive vibes.

A saint “Arunagirinathar” has chosen the hill Tiruttani, because according to him the hill was place of god. He mentioned the hill as Shivloka, that’s why temple built here; people consider the place as very pious and the place where they can gain enlightenment and peace. And except that whole year remains full of festivals like:-Vasanta festival (April-may), Avani festival (august-September), Skanda festival (October-november), and Masi festival.


Giving food to any hungry is the best service in world. Annadhana is the scheme of the temple where daily 300 to 500 people have food together near about 12:15 P.M., if anybody wants to contribute in thin service or want to donate money then you can contact in executive office of temple.

There is also a dress code for temple not so difficult but for men simple pant-shirt or dhoti-kurta, and for women saree or suit, no small skirts or jeans or any other attire which looks vulgar. Just to wear sensible clothes.

Thiruthani Temple Location

If you also want to visit Thiruthani, then there is no much distance, only 97 km from Chennai and 42 km from kancheepuram. Chennai airport is also stands near to temple. It locates near to famous temple of Tirupati just 66 km far away.  Daily trains and buses available from Tirupati to Chennai. People from foreign country or any other state can visit here by air, from Chennai.

Tiruttani To Tirupati :  65 Kilometers

Thiruthani Temple Poojas

Pooja or worship is the prayer which devotees does in front of own Lord, there are several type of worship procedure, devotees can chose from them according to their thinking and financial condition. Because people have to give donation to the priest who arranges for you the whole scene, and help you to come close to your Lord and make to happen all the activities.

The famous pooja are:

  • Subrapadam
  • Viswaroopam
  • Udaya Marthanda Abishekam
  • Kalash Pooja
  • Ekanda Sewa
  • Panchamurtha Abhishekam

And also many other methods of worship provides there, you can ask the temple’s authority or to the priest. You can arrange any special Pooja according to your comfort, and can set the time of pooja, which suits you.  There is also you can have” Divya Darshan” of Lord Murugan. The timing of Divya Darshan is different on different days. You can take special entry passes for privileged Darshan, or like common people you can wait in queue for Darshan. You can book your Pooja time or accommodation online also, the online response is good and fast, there are official sites available for temple, which guides to whom has no knowledge about that.  

India is a very religious country, and especially in South, so much devotion and dedication for their Lord, it is said that firstly the Devotion came from South in India, after that it spread in all over India, Thiruthani Temple is one of them place for devotees to express their feelings and pray to in front of god.

Except that endwise with temple visit, you can hang around, because near Chennai there are many tourist places, and beautiful beaches, gardens and government Museum, historical forts. Where you can enjoy the atmosphere and come to know about their art, craft, culture and tradition and lots of things.

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