Thiruthani Temple Timings

Thiruthani Temple Timings

Thiruthani temple is found in South India, which is famous for its beautiful temples, may be the architecture of temples is unique and therefore the devotion of people say something new story. Thiruthani temple is one of those beautiful temples, having 365 steps, which indication of 365 days of a year, and on every New Year night, it’s nicely decorated to make it look like a  beautiful palace. Lightning everywhere and the environment filled with Bhajans, and spiritual music.

Thiruthani Temple

People, who come from far away or wherever, just forget themselves and floating in the atmosphere of devotion, they feel the fulfillment and inner satisfaction here. Devotees wait for long time just to have one glimpse of their Lord Murugan, it is said that Lord Murugan rested here to be relaxed, that is why the statue of Murugan has not holding any kind of weapon, because weapon is the symbol of violence.

Thiruthani Temple Timings

Like every temple Thiruthani temple has also the Pooja procedures for devotees, there are many types of Pooja and Abhisheka’s being held, you can chose any of them, special Pooja considers special fees, pay some money and be a part of great rituals.  Every time the priest available for devotees, he himself performs all rituals, and Mantra, and abhisheks, and step by step told you about what to do and what not to do. Every pooja has its special timing, like in morning, and in the evening and night. On special occasions time can be changed or amount of fees can be changed. If you can’t afford the special or VIP pooja then you can contact to priest or be in a queue like others.

Vishwarupa Darshanam :  6.00  AM
Kala Sandhi Pooja            :  8.00   AM
Uchala Kala Pooja            :  12.00 PM
Sayaratchai Pooja             :   5.00  PM
Ardhama Pooja                 :   8.00  PM
Pallirai Pooja                     :   8.45  PM

Kala Sandhi Pooja

Sunday morning            –       5.00 AM
Tuesday morning          –       5.00AM

Other Pooja’s name and fee structure

  1. Panjamiruthia Abhishegam     Rs 1500
  2. Thirukalyanam urchavam        Rs 2000
  3. Santhana Kaapu                      –   Rs 4000
  4. Thanga Kavasam                     –  Rs 500
  5. Keadayam Urchavam             –  Rs 1000
  6. Golden Chariot                         Rs 2000
  7. Velli Thear Urchavam              Rs 3500
  8. Saharcranama Archanai         – Rs 400
  9. Monthly Kiruthikai ticket        Rs 500
  10. Annadhannam (per day)          Rs2500
  11. Annadhannam (yearly)           – Rs 25,000

These are all pooja’s, format and fee structure, and timing, further inquiry you can ask to temple authority. In Hinduism worship of god is a very important, when you do your rituals which included like, decorate the Lord Statue with garland, bath them with Panchamrutha which has milk, honey, sugar, curd and with refined butter, it includes 5 things, in Sanskrit panch means five, that why it is called panchamrit; especially panchamrit abhishek held upon Shivlinga, which is the small form of Lord Shiva.

It is saying from ancient time that whoever devotee, does own lord’s worship, he can do this by himself or take help of any priest, but every time the ritual must be done with proper method.

Method is must, because so it is better to give this job to the priest, he knows well what to do and how to do. Mantra is also important role in pooja; it is usually pronounced in Sanskrit. Doing all these rituals, and hawan maintain balance in human’s life, between spiritual and worldly life. Worship of your Lord or Meditation, just to sit calm, and nothing for worry heals you from inside and outside. Hindu religion has wide thinking and respect for all religion. Any other religion like Sikh, Jain, and Christian all can visit in Hindu temples, there is no discrimination between religion and other religion’s people; because the true religion is that, which accepts humanity and teach non violence and love and affection towards others.

That’s why these all methods have been created, you should have patience for performing all these rituals, after that one can feel the peace and change inside him.

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