Thirunallar Temple Timings

Thirunallar Temple Timings

Thirunallar Temple or the Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple is situated in Karaikal, Puducherry. It is basically a Shani Temple (Planet Saturn) however there is a shrine inside the temple that belongs to Lord Darbharanyeswaran, another avatar of Lord Shiva. This temple was built in the Chola dynasty kings in the 12 A.D. This temple is the only temple which is dedicated to Lord Shani in entire South India. Hence the number of pilgrims every year is enormous.  The pilgrims come visiting the temple to pay their respects and cleanse their sins and transgression by taking a dip in the holy lake which is situated within the temple premises. In order to provide better facilities to the pilgrims, thirunallar temple timings are listed and followed as mentioned.

Thirunallar Temple Timings

As we know Indians put a lot of faith in Gods. Every year millions of rupees are spend in paying tribute to the many Gods. These tributes vary from gold to money to expensive and high quality food and milk. Some people say it is a blind faith, some people say it is necessary, which according to them is that the gods like tributes and sacrifices.  Just like that during a certain period of the year when the planet Saturn moves from its place to other zodiac houses, believers say that during that time if someone takes a dip in the holy lake (Nalatheertam Tank)  all their sins and wrongdoings gets cleansed.  The usual Thirunallar Temple Timings are something like this.

Thirunallar Temple Timings Saturday

  1. Usha Kalaam the first puja of the day is done between 0530 hrs to 0630 hrs. Pilgrims can partake during this puja too.
  2. Kala Sandhi the second puja of the day is done between 0900 hrs to 1000 hrs. Pilgrims can partake during this puja too.
  3. Uchi Kaalam is the third puja of the day is done between 1200 hrs to 1300 hrs. Pilgrims can partake during this puja too.
  4. Saayaratchai the fourth puja of the day is done between 1730 hrs to 1830 hrs. Pilgrims can partake during this puja too.
  5. Irandaam Kaalam is the fifth puja of the day is done between 1930 hrs to 2030 hrs. Pilgrims can partake during this puja too.
  6. Artha Jaanam is the sixth puja of the day is done  2030 hrs onwards. Pilgrims cannot partake during this puja too.

All this  pujas mentioned  above takes place on Saturday on daily basis within the mentioned Thirunallar Temple Timings. Apart from those,  two other services also occur, which is called Nadai Thirappu. It takes place from Sunday to Friday from 0600 hrs to 1300 hrs on regular basis. In this service pilgrims are allowed to take part. Every year a lot of people comes from various part of India to this temple.  In order to maintain the Thirunallar Temple Timings, the priests stay busy throughout the day, performing its several rites and pujas. The pilgrims mostly come to the temple to take an oil bath in the hallowed lake, then light candles and give coconut offerings. This temple is widely famous and lot of people put their trust and belief when they come to this holy place.

Timings is strictly maintained. It helps in maintaining a proper system within the temple, which also in return helps the pilgrims and visitors to maintain a disciplined hassle free environment. In the Thirunallar Temple Timings, we can see that Saturdays are the most busy as the rituals keep on happening throughout the day. So if you are planning to visit the temple premises on Saturday please make sure you have good amount of time in your hand. As all these pujas are inter related although the last choice is yours which means, in selecting which one of the puja you will most likely attend.

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