Thirunageswaram Temple Timings

Thirunageswaram Temple Timings

Thirunageswaram Temple is one of the most famous Navagraha temples of the country. This one is dedicated to Rahu. The pooja usually gets performed due to astrologers’ suggestions. It is said that the pooja which is better known as Rahu Kalam removes obstacles from kundli. It is said the performing the milk abhishek removes problems like delayed marriage and problems in business.

Thirunageswaram Temple

The pooja that is performed here is so powerful that it removes dreadful dosh like kalsarpa dosh from the kundali. Even it puts an end to the sarpa dosh in the kundali too. The miraculous fact is the change of milk color. The milk transforms its color while it gets poured on the vigraha of rahu. Then as it flows out of the temple it again turns into its true color – white. However, according to the priest of the temple the color of the milk is changed only if someone has some kind of kundali dosha.

Thirunageswaram Temple Timings

Special poojas are performed here whenever rahu changes the position and during the ritual the priest takes the vigraha out for a procession.

Thirunageswaram Temple

Thirunageswaram Temple Timings for Pooja

The Rahu pooja is performed daily in different timings. On Sunday the Thirunageswaram Temple Timings for Rahu pooja starts at 9.30 am. Then the next pooja gets performed at 11.30 am. The evening pooja is an elaborated one which lasts from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. On Monday in the morning the pooja is performed between 7.30 am and 9 am. Similarly throughout the week pooja gets performed in different times of the day. One can visit the temple between 6am and 12.45pm in the morning and then between 4pm and 8.30pm in the evening.   

Tickets for Pooja

The visitors need to buy tickets for the pooja performance. The tickets are available at the temple counter. If anyone wants to visit the temple during the time of Rahu kalam, the said visitor is advised to visit the temple at least one hour prior the time to book tickets.

Tickets can be booked online as well. There are some websites which help in booking pooja ticket online. You might have to pay some extra money to save the time and hassle of standing in a line.

Reaching the Temple

It is easy to reach the Thirunageshwaram temple as it is connected by all the available transportation. You can take a bus to the temple. From Kumbakonam direct buses are available to the temple. If you bus does not seem like the right mode of transportation you can take a train to the temple as well. By air it is connected by domestic airport Tiruchirapalli.  

Accommodation at Thirunageswaram Temple

Because it is a hugely famous temple, people come here for poojas and darshan. Due to this reason, you would find a plethora of hotels here in the area. The hotels vary from luxurious to pocket friendly. According to the budget you can choose your mode of staying here. However, it is advisable to book rooms early as thousands of people come every day for darshan and pooja. It might be difficult to find a place to stay if you don’t book early.

The hotels can be booked online through travel websites. You would get information about available places to stay online as well.

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