Drugs Case : Subba Raju Reveals Star Family’s name & 15 other names?


The drugs case is getting bigger with each passing day revealing the dark side of the Tollywood and how deep rooted malice it is. The latest is that a star family which has decades of association with Telugu film industry has popped up. The name of the family said to have come shocker even to the SIT. The SIT is likely to send notices to the star family by coming Monday or Tuesday.

Subba Raju, who is quizzed by the SIT, reportedly named the star’s family whose two of its members are reportedly involved in it. TV channel reports indicate that Subba Raju had revealed the additional 10-15 names of the celebs who are involved in the drugs apart from 9 persons who have already received the notices. Subba Raju reportedly revealed who’s who involved and how, where they are used.

Meanwhile, Excise Enforcement Director Akun Sabarwal and the SIT officials are quite confident on the way the investigation is shaping up. So far, director Puri Jagannadh, cinematographer Shyam K. Naidu, and Subba Raju have been interrogated by the SIT.

Source: Gulte


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