Actual Truth Behind Trayastrimsati Koti (33 Crore Gods) In Hinduism

33 Koti Devas

33 Crore Gods – For a Hindu, God is one, but can be viewed in any or as many forms and figures or even without, as one may presume. However, Creation and Creator are one-tat tvam asi! Vedas speaks of only one God but with different names. Various names of God are due to the different qualities he possesses. As God have their own countless qualities, therefore, infinite titles he has. Here is the history of Trayastrimsati Koti and its significance.

Trayastrimsati Koti – 33 Crore Gods

The phrase Trayastrimsati Koti introduced in Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda, and Satapatha-brahmana, later mistaken as 33 Crores. The term “Koti” in Sanskrit has specifically two meanings, one is ‘Supreme’, pre-eminent, excellent and the other is Crore. It emphasise the primary fact that Hinduism has 33 Superior Gods with certain special attributes and they were 12 Adityas, 11 Rudras, 8 Vasus and 2 Ashwini Kumars or sometimes Indra and Prajapati.

33 gods = 12 Adityas + 11 Rudras + 8 Vasus + 2 Ashwini Kumars (8+ 11 + 12 + 2 = 33).

Hindu Gods According To Rig Veda

Hindu Gods According To Rig Veda - 33 Crore Gods
33 Koti Devas

12 Adityas, sons of Aditi and hence named Adityas:

The names of these 12 Adityas are Indra, Tvashta, Pusan, Vivasvan, Mitra, Daksa, Yama, Bhaga, Varuna, Dhatr, Amsa and Aryama. These were the sons of Kashyapa rishi.

11 Rudras (Rudraganas) have said to emerge from Brahmadeva’s anger:

Their individual names are Manyu, Manu, Mahan, Mahinas, Rutudhvaj, Shiv, Bhava, Ugrareta, Kaal, Vamdev and Dhrutavrat. Different scriptures might name them differently but the number remains same.

8 Vasus are sons of Dharma rishi and Vasu:

Named as Apa, Dhruva, Agni, Vayu, Dyaus, Surya, Prithvi, Soma.

2 Ashwini Kumars, the sons of Sun and survived as the doctors of the Devas:

These two had assisted Chyavan Bhargav rishi in reclaiming his youth.

Last two families of Ashwini Kumar were sometimes substituted by Indra and Prajapati.

On the other hand, it’s the Hinduism which gives you the freedom to choose your God i.e “Isht Devta”. Every Caste, every city, every Village, every Household has a Different God to worship and hence, known as “Sanatan Dharm”.

You might presume all this whole as a made up theory, but it was not. Everything has been detailed briefly in Chapter 3, Section 9 of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

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