Shock, fear grip Mohd Shami’s kin after assault


KOLKATA: A day after three Jadavpur residents were arrested for allegedly threatening cricketer Mohammed Shami and assaulting his caretaker after an argument over parking, his family members and neighbours are still in shock. They can’t believe that a person as amicable as Shami was victim to road rage, that too in his own locality.

“When we reached home on Saturday, three cars were already parked in front of our house. We managed to leave space for other vehicles to pass. But this man picked up an argument.

Later, they just barged inside our house. I am in shock,” said Hasin Jahan, Shami’s wife. “The attack comes after Shami spent hours chatting to the same group near Stylist Tailors,” rued Amiya K Bagchi, a resident of Katju Nagar.

Shami’s caretaker Dhurba Mondal told TOI: “It was around 11pm and Sir (Shami) had returned with his wife in his car. He had left enough space for other vehicles to pass on the road. A bike and an auto passed through but this man, identified as ShivaPramanik, started abusing sir unprovoked. He banged on the car’s bonnet. Initially, sir did not react. After a few minutes, he stepped out and an argument followed. Shiva then left,” recalled Mondol.

Later he returned with two others. “They barged inside, held me by the collar and assaulted me. Then they climbed upstairs and started kicking on the door. They spent 10-15 minutes upstairs when they realised the cops had been called.”

Source: Times Of India


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