15 Inspiring Facts About Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

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Shivaji One of the most modern, liberal and sensible emperors in the history of India. Shivaji was influential in protecting Maharashtra from external powers. Shivaji established a royal name for himself in history with his administrative skills by upholding the Swarajya values and the Maratha heritage. Tales of his bravery and victory are countless and very much commendable.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja

Shivaji Maharaj

Remembering the great Maratha ruler, below are few inspiring facts about Shivaji.

Origin of the name “Shivaji”

As many believe, Shivaji did not get his name from Lord Shiva, in fact, he was named after regional deity Shivai. His mother was a profound believer of the goddess. Upon her blessings, she gave birth to a boy and named him Shivaji.

shivaji origin of name

Shivaji was considered as a god-like stature by his people, all due to his good deeds.

Brave Child “Shivaji Maharaj”

Since childhood, his actions were intelligent and brave and ever since, he exhibited the qualities of an emperor. He was greatly inclined towards religious teachings and patronized Ramayana and Mahabharata with extreme interest.

First Revolt

His first revolt was on the Torna fort at the age of 16. Thereupon he also attacked kondana and rajgad forts. Shivaji also captured the forts of Javeli and Purander.

Extremely secular

Shivaji was favorable of all religions. The secular ruler very well adopted all religions. Even though many of his revolts were against Muslims, he still respected and honored Muslims under his rule. Many of his soldiers and commanders were Muslims. He had many Muslims in higher ranks as well. He was also very supportive of people who converted to Hinduism.

He put forth all the positive aspects of Hinduism

He guided people who were willing to convert to Hinduism. In fact, he married his daughter to a converted Hindu.

He was a great military commander

He organized his troops with proficiency. His tactics helped him win battles, which otherwise were lost. He was merciful to the surrendered and encouraged them to join his own army, based on their skill.

shivaji - Great military Commander

He exhibited the utmost caring towards common people and never raided on households and other religious places

He never encouraged his troops to have personal horses or weapons. Everything that has been looted by attacks on other reigns directly went into the treasury. If anything went short, he sent his troops to get it rather than detecting them from the locals.

Spiritual Admirer

Shivaji was a great follower of Hinduism and its culture and always paid great respect towards saints. He was a huge follower of Samarath Ramadas and offered him the Parali fort.

Respected women

Shivaji always made sure everyone in his empire honor and respect women. Anyone going against this willing were punished harshly. Even captured women from other territories were released unharmed. In his rule, any crime against women was a punishable offense.

Shivaji- Respect Women

Father of Indian Navy

He was very well aware that to safeguard India from invaders, a naval fleet was a must. No other king thought of the idea. But Shivaji was way ahead of them and even established a Maratha navy.

Shivaji took up the initiation of setting up a naval force to protect the coastline. He designed a strategy to initiate navy and forts at the shores of Maharashtra. He is therefore termed as the ‘Father of Indian Navy’.

shivaji - Father of Indian Navy

Known as ‘Mountain Rat’

He was famously known as the ‘Mountain Rat’. The title signifies his speed intelligence of land, guerrilla tactic methods and many other military strategies like raiding and sudden attacks on rivals.

Importance of team-work

Shivaji was well-aware of the significance of a good army. His father left him 2,000 soldiers, which he with his intelligence and notable warfare strategies, increased the number to 10,000 soldiers. He perfected the army skills with this intelligence unit who helped him apply the tactics.

He fought for India

His primary aim was to set up an individual kingdom in the country. He, therefore, encouraged his troops to strive for the unity of the country and not for the sake of a particular king.

Total care of the Empire

He was the head of his administration with the equal support from cabinet officials. He never forced people to repay taxes. People in his empire enjoyed the freedom to choose their favorite traditions and culture. Shivaji took care of his people just like a father.

Profound Nationalist

shivaji- profound nationalist

He is recognized for his renowned interest towards Hindu culture and traditions. He widely promoted the usage of Marathi and Sanskrit. His legacy took a complete changeover with the origination of Indian independence movement terming him as a nationalist.

A king like Shivaji will always live forever in our hearts.

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