Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve – With time tigers have become rare species. The disappearance of this animal is so worrisome that countries across the world have taken the initiative of preserving tigers and following the objective, everywhere now you would find parks that are tiger reservation part.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve

One such park is Sariska Tiger Reserve. This national park is situated in AlwarDistrict. It is one of the famous Districts of Rajasthan. Those, who are travel enthusiastic, would know about this District and this part beyond any doubt.

Those who don’t know about it –well, there are blog posts like this which would surely help you get an idea of what you can expect while you go exploring the park.

Sariska Tiger Reserve is an interesting combination which has fascinated those who like to study topography. Here you would find grassy hills and rocky pathway.

A little digging inside would reveal scrub throne scattered around the arid forest and beyond that you would come across dry deciduous forest.Even if you don’t have any knowledge of topography, this fusion is sure to surprise you.

In the year 1978, it was included in the tiger reservation project. Since then this park has come to be known as tiger reservation park throughout the nation.

History and Significance


Every travel destination carries some history and backstory along with it. If you ignore the history of the place, you would restrict yourself from knowing the destination from within.

Sariska Tiger Reserve National Park too is enriched with history. Before you go exploring this place, it would be nice to know the backstory of the park and the things that are associated with it.

You would find a fort inside the forest. This fort stands bearing the signs of time left behind and tales of weather assault.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

One look at the fort would tell you that it has seen many ages and countless falls of generations. The history of the fort is such that sorrow had been forever attached to it.

This is the fort where Aurangzeb had kept his brother Dara imprisoned. The name of the fort is Kankarwari. The climb to the fort is befitting a prison.

Yes, it is steep. However, once you have reached the fort, you would be exhilarated at the sight which would unfold itself before your eyes.

The tiredness would be forgotten and the fact that the fort is not maintained well by the government will be overlooked too. The view would stun the beholders. For hours you would be able to stare at the enchanting view.

Ruins of temples surround this fort and add to the enigma of the landscape. According to epics, it is here Bhim had been tested in a dual by Lord Hanuman.


It is wise to check the timing before visiting the park. The best time to go exploring this park is between October and June.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

From 6.30 am to 10.30 you can go for safari in the morning. In the evening you can go for safari from 2pm to 6pm.

Special Attraction

This is the park where you will get to see the Bengali tiger. With time the population of this tigers is growing.

The park is the first national park across the world where tiger relocation has been successfully done. Because of the adaptation capability of the Bengali tigers, this relocation had seen success.

However, Bengali tiger is not the only attraction. You would find leopard and jackals here in the park as well.


This forest had been the home of the tigers once in the past. However, with time the park lost its tigers. Poaching was one of the reasons which had led to the tiger eradication.

Again in the year 2008, the tiger relocation had started.

Here you would get the chance to study nature and birds. If you like bird, you would be able to spend hours watching birds in the forest.

Flora and Fauna

Wildlife has grown around the forest. Apart from Royal Bengal Tiger, you would find monkeys and leopards. Birds and trees are things to see as well.


Because this is a famous tourist spot, you would find many resorts around the forest area. Wood Village Sariska Resort is one of the most famous resorts here.

This resort has well equipped cottages and rooms. You need to book in advance if you want to stay here. For convenience you can book online as well.

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