Sangameshwara Temple – The Confluence Of Seven Rivers

Sangameshwara Alayam Shiva is a standout amongst the most energizing divine beings inside the Hindu confidence. On the off chance that we take a gander at, a couple Shiva sanctuaries are resolved in the unlikeliest of areas crosswise over India. Indeed, even the notable Amarnath and Kedarnath Temples aren’t without issues accessible. A feeling of thriller rotating those Shiva Lingams hit home with our eagerness.

Sangameshwara Alayam

Here is one such exciting hallowed place of Lord Shiva at the intersection of seven waterways! without a doubt, let us understand roughly Sangameshwara Temple in Kurnool. Legacy of Shiva Temple steady with the myth, once the Pandavas of Mahabharata arrived to Kurnool over the span of their outcast. They chose to introduce a Shiva Linga on this region subsequent to voyaging Srisailam Mallikarjuna Temple. The place of worship uncovers an extraordinary area in Skandapurana.

Sangameshwara Temple Kurnool

Sangameshwara Temple

Afterward, they sanctified the Linga at the conjunction of the waterway Krishna and Tungabhadra alongside other five tributaries. The sanctuary complex is famously known as Pancheswaram – Combination of five sanctuaries that incorporates Sangameswaram, Sidheswaram, Kapileswaram, Someswaram and Malleswaram. Thus, the shiva Linga was named as Sangameshwara – Sangama, where the waterways meet.

Where is Sangameshwara Alayam?

Sangameshwara Alayam is close to the shore of Muchumarri Village in Kurnool District. It is in a place where Krishna River & Tungabhadra alongside the tributaries named Bhavanasi, Veni, Bheemarathi and Malapaharani meet. Srisailam Dam and Reservoir built at the fringe of Mahabubnagar and Kurnool region is one of the lovely vacation destinations close Sangameshwara Temple.

Submerged Sangameshwara Temple

Sangameshwara – Lord Shiva Temple was submerged after the development of Srisailam Dam in 1980. Sangameshwara Temple was not migrated like numerous different sanctuaries in this area. Therefore, the sanctuary got submerged by the water of Srisailam dam. Actually, it stayed covered up submerged for a quarter century reemerged in the year 2003.

Lord Shiva Temple Kurnool

Sangameshwara Temple - Lord Shiva Shrine

Presently the sanctuary is obvious for some days when the water levels are low in summer. The sanctuary additionally opened to open amid nowadays. Since 2003, the sanctuary has continually restored each year in the late spring months. Be that as it may, this well established design is under risk due to the water. The sanctuary stays open for 40 – 50 days and fans are permitted to visit. Individuals are taken in pontoons as the sanctuary is encompassed by water. A few poojas and ceremonies are additionally performed for the wooden Lingam inside the sanctum.

An old Dargah is likewise by this place, which holds two tree s one over another, which can be seen before entering the city from a long separation and is a Popular Attraction as a cookout spot for the general population of Kurnool city.

Sangameshware Submerging Temple In Kurnool
Submerging Temple In Kurnool

How to Reach Sangameshwara Temple?

Sangameshwara-Lord Shiva Temple is open just for 40 – 50 days amid April-May. Water crafts are accessible from the shore to visit this sanctuary.

Bus: Government run transports are accessible to come to the Pagidyala.

Via Train: Kurnool railroad station is the closest rail line station.

As indicated by the records of the Endowments Department, the sanctuary was totally submerged in the backwaters of Srisailam store and the pay in this manner discharged was kept in a bank.’ Devotees permitted every single other sanctuary to be moved somewhere else with the exception of the Sangameswara-Lord Shiva sanctuary which was permitted to submerge. The sanctuary expected hugeness as it would be open for darshan just for a period in the vicinity of 45 and 60 days a year.

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