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Sai Gayatri

Sathya Sai Baba was a philanthropist and an Indian guru,  famous as Sai Gayatri. He claimed to be the embodiment of Shirdi Sai Baba. The materialization of vibhuti of Sai Baba and various other small objects like watches, necklaces and rings along with the reports of bilocation, clairvoyance, resurrections, inexplicable healing and alleged omniscience and omnipotence were the source of prominence and controversy. Devotees of Sai have spread all over the world and are famous for their bhajans.

Sai Gayatri Bhajan

Sathya Sai Baba established a network of free schools, ashrams, auditoriums, drinking water projects, clinics and hospitals. There are many bhajans devoted to Sathya Sai. Among them, following bhajan is the famous one.

Here, we will discuss about the Bhajan of Sai Gayatri, the mystic formula devoted to Sri Sathya Sai.

Sai Gayatri Bhajan Lyrics in English

Om Saayeeshvaraaya Vidhmahe

Sathya Dhevaaya Dheemahi

Thannassarvah Prachodayaath

Sai Gayatri Bhajan Meaning: “Through Shastras (and by the direct experience) and Gurus, I know that Sai himself is God: he is Iswara and Bhagavan. In my heart, I meditate on this form with all my mental faculties. He is the incarnation of the one permeates all the worlds, universal consciousness, divinity and truth. I offer my prayer to such a Sai parameswar to direct our thoughts to involve in righteous and auspicious activities. I meditate on this great form.”

Gayatri Sai Bhajan Lyrics in Hindi

ओम सैयेश्वराय विधामा

सत्य दहेवा धीहेही

थानन्सरवाड़ा प्रागोदयाथ

Gayatri Sai Bhajan Lyrics in Telugu

ఓమ్ సాయేశ్వరరాయ విద్మాహే

సత్య దెవాయ ధీమాహి

తన్నస్సార్వా ప్రాయోద్యయాథ్

Sai Gayatri Bhajan Video

Song: Sri Sai Gayathri

Singer: Thiagarajan

Album: Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mantras

Duration: 14:55

Sai Gayatri Mp3 Download

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