Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates

Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates

Sabarimala is very famous Hindu temple situated in the Western Ghats in Kerala near the world famous tiger reserve, Periyar. This temple is situated at a high altitude of 1260 meters from main sea level and surrounded by dense forests & high mountains. Each mountain has a temple, so there are number of temples to visit. Sabarimala is one of the 5 sastha temples founded by Lord Parsurama. It is also known as Sree Dharma sastha temple. Details of Sabarimala temple opening dates are mentioned.

Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates

As it is a dominantly Hindu temple, the devotees have to wear blue of black dresses. Few devotees also prefer saffron dress as it is a part of ancient vedic culture. And the rituals which are performed there are strictly according to Hindu religion. They have to follow austerity period i.e. vratham of 41 days which starts with wearing rudraksha mala. During this period, they have to follow strict vegetarian diet without cutting hair and nails.

From 1991, Kerala high court restricted entry of women between ages above 10 years to 50 years. Ayyapan is the most worshiped Lord of South India. After this ban, there was much protest done by women against this but Kerala high court asked police force to follow the ban and continued the restriction. This case is still going as women asked why they were banned for worshiping their Lord.

Although you can Sabarimala any time but if want to visit inside the temple and wanted to see all the rituals you have to get the knowledge of temple opening dates. The temple is open only during the days of Mandala pooja which mostly occurs for more than a month nearly from 15th November to 26th of December every year. Other than that, temple opens on Makar Sankranti, Vishnu Sankranti and first five days of every Malayalam month.

Sabarimala Temple

Mandala puja is one of the major rituals at Sabarimala temple. This pooja is done after 41 days long austerity observed by the devotees. As per Malayalam month, mandala pooja starts on first day of “vrishchikam” month and lasts till 12th day of “dhanu” masam. Sabarimala pilgrimage journey begins with Mandalapooja which mostly starts in the month of November and ends in the month of January.

Makaravilakkur or Makar sankranti is one of the auspicious festivals of Hindu religion. It is celebrated all over India on 14th January every year. It is treated as welcoming new season of harvesting. Every state celebrates it differently as per their religion. On that auspicious day, temple doors open for pilgrims for their worship.

Also, 14th April celebrated as Baisakhi all over India. Similarly, in sabarimala temple, they celebrate Maha Vishnu sankranti on the same day. It is treated as first day of New Year and in Hindu religion; New Year is started with worshiping your God. So, many people around the country come to worship and start their new year.

The above mentioned are the three main events of the pilgrim season when the visitors to this place is huge in numbers. Other than those, temple doors were opened for pilgrims every month for five days. These months are according to Malayalam calendar, which is quite different from English calendar. For the first five days of every month, temple doors are open for worship.

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