Sabarimala Room Booking

Sabarimala Room Booking

Sabarimala is a pilgrimage centre located in Kerala near Periyar Tiger Reserve. This temple is situated at hilltop surrounded by dense forests and mountains. Each hill surrounding Sabarimala is equipped with temples. It is one of the largest Hindu pilgrim centres in world. The annual visitor to Sabarimala is over 100 million. It acquires the shrine of Ayyapan. The high court of Kerala has restricted the entry of women in this temple. Sabarimala Room Booking services are briefed.

Sabarimala Room Booking

As per the mythologies to be believed, this temple was rediscovered by the Prince of Pandalam, Manikandan who was a great devotee. He meditated at the temple and became a divine. It was believed that Manikandan was an avatar of Ayyapan. The temple is open for worship on few specific days and time of the year. So on those days, there is huge crowd of pilgrims at the temple and even in the whole state.

As we had already noted that the number of annual visitor to this temple is very big in numbers, so you can imagine the condition of accommodation they has to face for their pilgrims. It is basically the main thing to inquire for Sabarimala room booking.

There are many guest houses, lodging and hotels are running near the temple and around the place. One can have many options to choose from. These all guest houses are running under the government. There is a multi story pilgrim complex and few pilgrims shed available near temple. This area is also occupied with government hospital and Ayurvedic hospital too. There are multiple facilities available for transportation.

Pilgrims can occupy rooms according to their choice. Their choices differ in rates, number of people, preferred location etc. The choices are varied and also very affordable. Even there is provision of living halls when there is booking of a large group and wanted to stay together. The rates fluctuate from 350/- to 2000/- as per the size and requirement. The accommodations are also available in forests too for greenery lovers.

As most of the pilgrims visit in the temple opening season, that time is actually the very busy season. The availability of rooms is very short at that time. It is always advised to all the pilgrims to make an advance booking of rooms or halls to avoid any inconvenience. All the hotels and guest houses are providing online booking facility which helps you to book your room in advance to avoid any problem of shortage of rooms.

They even provided transportation if the rooms are at distance from the temple. The food facility is also there. The Sabarimala room booking is the easiest of all. Only thing which matter is the time of visit. If you are planning to visit in temple opening season ten do prior room bookings. Otherwise, in other times, you can easily get room bookings in the place.

So, for an admirable and problem free tour, always plan in advance for room bookings and other tickets too. Always care your family and take care of your belongings.

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