Roopkund Seleton Lake – The Himalayan Mystery Solved

Roopkund Skeleton Lake

Roopkund skeleton lake is also called as skeleton lake mystery, Roopkund is located in Uttarakhand state. This is giant elevation of freezing lake in India.The lake which praises the beauty of the Himalayas with secret story, this lake is very famous for trekking destination.

Roopkund Skeleton Lake In Uttarakhand

Skeletons At Roopkhund LakeSkeletons at Roopkund lake

It lies in the Trishul range and popular for hundreds of  human skeletons are discovered in the lake all about six hundred skeletons are found, and this region is underpopulated in Himalayas at  height of 5,029 meters and covered with rocks and snow.

About six hundred skeletons are discovered in this lake it is the mysterious thing to everyone,this mystery of skeletons are belongs to 8th to 9th century AD as per now it can be calculated as 1100 years. It was discovered in the year 1942 firstly by the one of the person in the forest department member came across it had a view on this lake with number of bones and skulls.

Roopkund Skeleton Lake Mystery

Bones found all over the surroundings of Roopkund LakeBones in the Roopkund  

Researches are terminate that they had death because of the bad weather in 9th century, because of it the skeletons are remained and it is called as “Skeleton lake”.

number of research are held by scientists and archaeological departments, DNA test results discovers that they are the soldiers of kings empire. And may be they are went for holy pilgrims to Nandha Devi temple or destroyed army members, still some flesh is remained in the skulls  

DNA tests are held by the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology of Hyderabad, most of the results are indicated that the were belongs to Chitpavans from Maharashtra.

Roopkund Skeleton lake mystery solved by scientists

Roopkund Scientists InvestigatingRoopkund scientists

Scientists has finalize that the skeletons are about 600 people are found near the lake are belongs to 9th century, this was considered as skeletons are the soldiers of Japan died in the huge storm due to bad weather while crossing the way during World war II. Most probably it is considerable as soldiers because there are some signs can be appeared like weapons and dresses.

Research shows that the skeletons are belongs to two groups one is the family group and the other is comparatively short.

Riddles of the dead: Roopkundskeleton lake

The due to deadly move on their back of heads  because of snow-slide the spots on the skull  and bones specifies that hit by a like round shape like a ball. That means a round shaped thing would be strongly on their heads are nothing but huge rocks and snowballs fall from a long height. Yearly once the snow gets melted then we can see number of spread-ed bones and skulls.

Roopkund Skeleton Lake

Protection review at Roopkund Lake

There is increasing loss of skeletons are examine it is scared issue if not care about them they gradually decreases and completely disappears in years. It is announce for tourists visiting the place are in routine to taking back the number of skulls and bones.

District administrator conveys that need to protect the lake, Governmental agencies had made attempts to develop the lake and to make it as an Eco-tourism place.

Roopkund Lake Treck

Trekkers on the way to Skeleton Lake in RoopkundRoopkund Trekking path

Map to reach Roopkund Skeleton Lake
Location of Roopkund Skeleton Lake

Roopkund is a delightful tourist place in Chamoli district and one of the major place for trekking, and Himalayas are very near to them and support of two Himalayas one is Trisul and other is Nanda Ghunti. Trisul is having the distance of 7,120 meters and Nanda Ghunti with the distance of 6,310 meters lake is surrounded by a lake called Junargali to the north.

We can reach Roopkund by the roadway via Lohajung or Wan village, towards from Wan you have the way for Rani ki dhar we can reach.There we can stay at nights also, after that we have to reach Bedin Bhugal it is 12 kms to 13 kms distance from Wan.We can have a clear view of Himalayas from Bedin Bhugal, from this a distance of 11 kilometers to Bhagwabasa the trekkers can reach from here directly we can reach Roopkund lake.

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