The Concept of Reincarnation – One Soul Many Lives

Reincarnation is still a myth for many

Reincarnation is the belief of one soul taking birth again in another body after the death. The word reincarnation means “entering the flesh again.” In Sanskrit, it is termed as Punarjanma which literally means rebirth.

Is it true that human souls reincarnate on Earth?

The recent beliefs scientifically appraise the prospect of reincarnation – one of the greatest mysteries of the world – which had been ignored by many in the past.

Throughout the world, a majority of the people—agree with the concept of reincarnation as part of their religion.

What is reincarnation?

According to Hindu mythology, each soul, is part of one Supreme Soul. Even after death, soul prevails as it is immortal. It just changes the bodies after the death. Depending upon Karma of the previous birth, the soul obtains its new body, that means, good Karma leads to rewards in the next life whereas bad Karma, deserves punishment in the next life.

The present situations which we are undergoing in the present life are all results of our Karma in the past life. This cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation is ongoing until salvation is obtained, i.e. becoming one with the Supreme Soul.

Reincarnation in Hinduism is not limited to only human birth. The prior lives can be animals, plants, or other divine beings of nature. If it has life, then it is definitely the part of the cycle.

Reincarnation in Hinduism

Hinduism firmly believes that each living being is composed of two things, the soul, and the body. Once the person undergoes death, only the body dies, but not the soul, as the soul is bliss, eternal and indestructible.

Atman is stable and doesn’t change due to its innate nature, whereas, the body, changes constantly.

Karma strongly destines the future circumstances in this life, as well as the future lives. Good deeds lead to good future, whereas the bad actions result in bad future, as per the Hindu view of existence.

reincarnation in hinduism

Hindus believe the soul reincarnates continuously until it attains Moksha.

There is no indefinite heaven or hell in Hinduism. In the afterlife, based on karma, the soul is reborn as another living being either in heaven, hell, or on earth. Gods too experience the phase of death as their previous karma runs out, and they obtain getting another chance on earth. This reincarnation continues, infinitely in cycles, until one embarks on a spiritual pursuit and attains mokṣha. Hindu traditions believe the complete process is related to Brahman, the underlying reality that existed before the creation of the universe, and shall exist even after the end of the universe.

Reincarnation – Rules Referred by Sages

There are certain rules referred by the sages, which reveal some interesting facts of reincarnation like:

  1. Most of the times a human being is reborn as a human being only, but sometimes, they might get into the life of other living creatures.
  2. It is believed that after obtaining three births of the same sex, the next birth might be of different sex but not necessarily.
  3. Karma exists. Having good Karma does not mean you can get rid of bad Karma. Both the karma have their own results.
  4. If a person breathes last suddenly without fulfilling the strong wills, he/she might rise as a ghost and remain until the conditions are favorable for the next birth.
  5. After death, next birth cannot be attained immediately. During this course, soul undergoes seven levels. Once the conditions turn favorable according to Karma, then the rebirth is followed.
  6. The soul always undergoes the learning process. During the initial stages, it gets allured towards physical things, but as it obtains knowledge, it turns more spiritual.
  7. All the good and bad deeds of past lives are recorded in the body and once the person dies, all those memories enter into the new body along with the soul. After acquiring the complete knowledge, the soul attains salvation.
  8. Salvation is the ultimate aim of human beings as a human body can be obtained only after traveling through 8,400,000 species by the soul.
  9. The actions you do to another person in the past or present life will surely come back until resolved.
  10. People might sometimes recognize someone which they haven’t ever seen in the present life, they might be the person from the past.

Reincarnation – Occurrence

Almost every religion on the earth believes in the concept of reincarnation. Many cases of reincarnation have been recorded not only in the believers but also within the sect of non-believers. The incidences of reincarnation have been registered all over the world in all races and genders, with almost 100% uniformity. Many cases have been investigated and found authentic by various researchers. Thousands of books have been scripted on this topic.

Reincarnation child Gregory Reid

Reincarnation child Gregory Reid

In a survey conducted in the USA, about 20% of adults exhibited their belief in reincarnation. Dalai Lama, the biggest leader of Buddhists, before death, states to his disciples about the where-hows of his next birth.

Reincarnation Scientific Proof

While the majority of scientists cross-mark the concept of reincarnation as illogical, there are few viable experts who believe that all this process is a natural phenomenon.

Reincarnation Scientific Proof

Is there any valid evidence of reincarnation?

We have already seen the religious concept of reincarnation where the conscious, mind and soul is said to transfer from one body to another. Even some researchers laid the ideology of concept to be true and correct.

Once such researcher is Dr. Ian Stevenson, prior Professor, and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, who devoted the large part of his profession to find evidence of reincarnation. He professes to record over 3,000 stories of reincarnation, while working with the community of science.

Reincarnation is staple

During the investigation, Dr. Stevenson employed facial identification to examine affinity among the candidate claiming and their apparent previous incarnation, which also includes deep study of birthmarks.

The investigation on 210 children recorded the facts that “Almost 35 % of kids who profess to recall the prior lives have birth defects or other marks same as that of the individual whose life the claimant recognizes”. A birthmark can be any injury or defect of prior life.

Reincarnation Evidence

The birth defects often times are of rare types. The cases where a dead person was recognized with the specifications of whose life is believed to match, a near correspondence with birthmarks have been observed in both. During his study, he had interviewed many children who profess to have remembered the incidences of their previous birth. “43 out of 49 postmortem report cases it has been confirmed that there is a clear correspondence between the specifications of both.”

One such example is shown below:

Reincarnation Evidence

Skin discolouration on the chest of an Indian male, who said to have remembered the life of a person, Maha Ram, who was fired with a shotgun relatively at the same spot.

Reincarnation - Evidence 2

The autopsy report of Maha Ram and his predicted wounds of a shotgun at almost the same place.

The fact of the soul leaving the body after death

The soul does leave the body either through the nostrils or the mouth of the person before being reborn. The Southern African Venda believe that, after the death, the soul stays close to the grave for a certain period of time and then pursues a new body—either human, animal or other living beings.

Soul leaving Body after Death - Reincarnation

The studies recorded few statements of children regarding the memories which they haven’t experienced, but through verification, it was found out that up to 92 % of them were genuine and true.

In an article, on Scientific Exploration, Stevenson confirmed: “The assertions of the subject, made as a collection, were definitely specific to the life of the prior deceased person. The information was so true that they talked about the particular deceased person through certain paranormal process”.

A final word on Reincarnation

Reincarnation is universal and forms the norm for all human beings. It is a continuous cycle and it is what we are all doing here.

Souls normally don’t reincarnate instantly. They undergo a certain period of time between one life and the next, during which it get over the karma, reviews the lessons learned from the past life and prepares its next one.

By now, there is no surprise that we had a past life, in fact, many past lives. The ones who haven’t had a past life are those at the very beginning of the cycle. The ones who won’t experience the next life, are probably at the very end of the cycle.

The ultimate learning

Beware of your vices in the existing life as they will be carried to the next life. If you don’t fulfill your debts in the present life, the next one might be harder. If the present debts are fulfilled, the next life will be joyous.

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