Ram Nath Kovind – Future President of India?

Ram Nath Kovind

Ram Nath Kovind is famous political and social leader of India, and the member of BJP Bharatiya Janata Party. Ram Nath Kovind was born in 1 October 1945 in Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh State, in village Paranukh, Derapur. And he is 71 year old now. By profession he is an advocate, and political leader.  Now days he is doing tremendous job for dalit caste, he is also from dalit caste, and the president of BJP Dalit Morcha.

Ram Nath Kovind

Nowadays Ram Nath Kovind is the Governor of Bihar, and been serving Indian Politics from last 23 years, and he is one of the leading politician of BJP, Ram Nath basically belongs to common and simple family. But from beginning like from college days Ram Nath loves to work for lower caste and social work, that’s why he had chosen the politics. In 1994 he put his first step in Indian Politics, and selected as a member of Rajya Sabha, two times he elected as the member of Rajya Sabha, one in 1994 and second in 2002. Now BJP has selected Ram Nath as nominee for president position from NDA. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also supporting Ram Nath, and praised many times for his prominent work and efforts.    

Ram Nath Kovind Biography

Ram Nath Kovind Education

Ram Nath Kovind

Ram Nath Kovind has completed his education from Kanpur College with the degree of B.com and L.L.B. after completing his graduation he went to Delhi, for further studies, and tried for being succeeded in IAS exam, but got failed two times, but Ram Nath didn’t lose the hope and tried third for IAS exam, and this time got the victory and cleared the exam, but after that he had not get the post of IAS, then he decided to practice Law, and later on prove himself as the judge of Supreme Court.

Ram Nath Kovind Career

Ram Nath Kovind has proven his ability and talent in his career, and got succeeded in his aim; we can see or divide his career in two parts one is his career as a lawyer, which shows his struggle and hard work in Delhi high court and Supreme Court as advocate. And second is as MP of Uttar Pradesh, which is also the proof of his dedication and working ability with loyalty and honesty.  

Ram Nath Kovind Career as Lawyer

After his graduation Ram Nath decided to practice in law, and practiced for 16 years in Supreme Court and Delhi high court till 1993. And he has the powerful and reputed personality that time in court, which is noticed by everybody. Ram Nath worked in Delhi High court as central government advocate from 1977-1979. And from 1980-1983 he has practiced in Supreme Court. For 16 years he has served the Indian Law and court as tremendous advocate.

Ram Nath Kovind Political Career

Ram Nath Kovind Career as MP

Ram Nath Kovind elected as the member of Rajya Sabha in the month of April, 1994 from Uttar Pradesh, and for own skills and hard work towards public, he has being selected once again as a member of Rajya Sabha in 2000, and worked till 12 years till 2006. Ram Nath is now the president of all India Koli Samaj, and working as Governor of Bihar, selected by president of India in 2015. Now Ram Nath is being declared as NDA candidate for president post of India, by BJP president Amit Shah on 19th June 2017.  

Ram Nath Kovind Portfolio

Ram Nath Kovind with Narendra Modi

Ram Nath Kovind has represented India, in United Nation in New York, in 2002 in October.  Ram Nath has done great work and efforts for backward cast and Dalit Samaj, he himself belongs to Dalit, that’s why he can able to understand the trouble and discrimination which has been done to this cast from many years ago, and still there is no much change visible, Ram Nath considered as Dalit angel, we can know this more after highlighting his efforts:

  • Ram Nath Kovind working for scheduled cast and tribes, minority and for women since from his college time.
  •  Ram Nath has built many institutes and colleges in Utter Pradesh, because he stress on education of every boy and every girl.
  • During his practice he had provided the legal services for free to scheduled cast and tribes. Only because of his great efforts the “free Legal Society” in Delhi has able to come in existence.
  • Ram Nath Kovind has donated his ancestor house to the villager, that they can use it according to them.
  • After observing the interest in Dalit of Ram Nath Kovind, shree Rajnath Singh took help from him for promotion of his party in Dalit areas in Utter Pradesh.

Ram Nath Kovind Family

Ram Nath Kovind comes from a very simple and farmer family, and also from a small village Derapur. His parents were poor that time, and belong to Dalit samaj, which was considered as backward in society. Ram Nath Kovind has struggled a lot during his study time and practice time.

Father’s Name- Maiku Lal

Mother’s Name- Kalawati

Wife’s Name- Savita Kovind, being married to Ram Nath Kovind in 1974.  

Ram Nath Kovind Social Activities

  • BJP chairperson Amit Shah announced the name of Ram Nath as the nominee o for president position 2017 in board meeting.
  • According to present Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ram Nath Kovind is the deserving candidate for president election.
  • Ram Nath has also served in Dr. BR. Ambedkar University, which is stated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh as member of management.
  • He also gives his precious services to Indian Institute of Management, in Kolkata, as a member of board.
  • Ram Nath has highly honorable image with no spot on his personality, as many politician have.
  • Ram Nath visited many countries like Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, France etc, for study tour as MP of India.

Ram Nath Kovind considers as powerful politician, and a social worker, and fought many times for Dalit Samaj, SC/ST and also for women. The person with simple living and high thinking, having reputed and clean image, and never been accused with any corruption. Ram Nath served India for many years, and gave his hundred % efforts to nation, there is no doubt that he is deserving candidate for president post.

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