Rainwater Harvesting

Waste of water is equal to waste of life. No sensible person can ever waste even a single drop of water as in some parts of the country it is scares. Life without water cannot even exist and therefore it is necessary to preserve water in the best way and this is what we call Rainwater Harvesting.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is practiced in different parts of the country especially down south. Before going into the details of harvesting process it is better to understand what is harvesting all about.

The process of harvesting is nothing but involves collection of water rainwater from and preserving it for future use. This is the wisest idea that people can execute top save the depleting resource. Water storage is the need of the hour as because many places in India are still surviving even without a drop of water. The case is mostly happening in villages where farms are getting dried up and people do not even have drinking water.

The water can be collected from the roofs of the building or any other place and can be stored and later filtered for various other purposes.  

Rainwater Harvesting Model

There is no such complicated technique used in rain water harvesting. The storage of water is mainly done from the roofs of a house. The rain water is taken into the tank with the help of a pipe. The harvesting process continues throughout the rainy season.  It can be done easily by the people in the house hold. One has to connect the pipe with the tank and slowly the entire rainwater is stored within a short span of time. In south India mostly all the houses have the system of rain water harvesting. People genuinely care about the water which is indeed a depleting resource at some part of the country.

Rainwater harvesting serves a huge range of benefits for the people in the country. There will be scarcity of water if people start harvesting from now.

  • Harvesting water can easily reduce our dependence on dams. The various dams around the country create a huge amount of pollution which is even harmful for the society.  Rain water harvesting is one of the best measures for saving water.
  • Can be used in various tasks- The water can be used for various tasks.  One can even use this water for drinking after it gets filtered.  Every household should plan the rain water harvesting system to reduce the amount of waste.

As said before that harvesting is not at all a difficult task.  People just need to plan out certain things after which the task can be easily performed. The tank is placed in the roof and the pipes adjacent to it slowly transfer the water.

Saving natural resource is a noble work. We need to save something for the future and water has no such alternative.  Excess water should be saved and it should be used in a proper way.

Another important aspect of rain water harvesting is the size of the tank. People should choose a proper tank for harvesting water.   The size of the tank depends on the area of the roof and also the rainfall level in that place.  A quantitative analysis is done while selecting the tank for storage.  The people of the house directly transfer the storage water to their pipelines and half of their household work is done through it.

In a conclusion apart from water harvesting people should also learn not to waste water unnecessarily.  Water preservation is highly needed in the recent years. A single drop of water also matters. If you haven’t yet though of harvesting rainwater, then do it now.

Rainwater Harvesting Methods

Methods involving rainwater harvesting are portrayed in the following documents.

Rainwater Harvesting PDF : Click To Download

Rainwater Harvesti PPT : Click To View PPT (Source : Slideshare )

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