How to remove Rahu dosh? – Rahu remedies

Rahu Remedies

According to Hindu mythology, Rahu is the demon snake who swallows the sun causing eclipse. It is also one of the Navgrah in Vedic astrology paired with Ketu. As per astrology, time covered under influence of Rahu is inauspicious & so called Rahu Kaal. It is treated as a bad planet. Pandits do remedies to clear the Rahu dosh occurred in one’s kundli. Here we discuss some Rahu remedies.

Rahu Remedies

According to Hindu tradition, during mahadasha of Rahu, if it performs positive action, one can attain wealth and happiness. But if it is in adverse mode, it gives pain to the holder. Today we will discuss some powerful yet simple remedies which can give relief to one who is suffering from Rahu Mahadasha.


Rahu is a follower of Lord Shiva. So when a person is suffering with Rahu Dasha, he would be suggested to start worshipping Lord Shiva. He can keep fast on Monday which ultimately satisfies Lord Shiva & then Lord helps you to fight the bad time. He should eat sweets made with milk after completing the fast.


As per Lal Kitab, a person suffering from Rahu Dasha should offer 400 gm lead, barley mixed in milk & one coconut in running water. This implies that he asked Lord to run off all his pains far away through this running water. He is also asked to wear Silver in neck which has the ability to divert the effect of rahu.


As Rahu is a friend to Shani so the person can also fast on Saturdays asking help from Shani dev to remove the mahadasha. Eat only after Sunset & that meal should not contain onion and garlic.

Also, he/she can fast on Monday because Rahu had a fear of his idol Lord Shiva. So Shiva can help you by cooling Rahu and his deeds.


As one of the Rahu remedy, one should be suggested to chant Rahu Beej mantra which is treated as the powerful remedy to get relief. You can also read Durga Saptasati, first chapter. Maa durga is the source of power and when you ask her for saving, she decreases the power of Rahu which ultimately give relief to you. You can also read Durga Chalisa to worship Maa Durga.


The sufferer should donate wheat, jaggery and copper either to a poor person or can flow them in running water on Sunday. Make donations of eatables to poor people time to time. Give food to animals and birds.

He can also offer black clothes, black/blue blankets to the poor or orphans, black urad lentils because Rahu is also treated as the Lord of Sky which changes colors in black or blue.


The sufferer should wear Gomed ring made of silver. He can also wear silver in neck.  Silver is powerful few sufferers are also suggested to wear Gold as per their astrological conditions.


It is not only a Rahu remedy but always a fruitful remedy for the entire problem. Never harm your siblings. Always respect your parents and your elders. Maintain good relationship with your neighbors and co-workers. Never insult your life partner. Always respect women. Respect and help poor peoples, orphans and physically disable persons. Love your nature.

Spread love and receive good luck!!

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