Prabhas’s jump from ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ “claims” one life


We are aware of the fact how several scenes in movies inspire off screen fans to imitate the same which often turns out to be fatal. Prabhas‘s jump from a cliff to the other side, next to a waterfall from the film ‘Baahubali’, was the highlight of the film which showed the film in its full grandeur. As per reports a tourist had lost his life at Mahuli Waterfall, imitating the scene from the film.

But the Police force of Shadapur area near Mahuli waterfall are having sleepless nights with the arrival of Monsoon season. As per reports, Indrapal Patil, a businessman from Mumbai aged 27, who visited Mahuli waterfall on July 14, with his friends, lost his life as he jumped from the waterfall imitating the scene in Baahubali.

The eyewitnesses informed to the police that they saw him jumping from height and failed to land on his feet and went underwater, later his friends got him out. But the deceased’s brother Mahendra alleged that it must have been a planned attack or someone might have accidentally or playfully pushed him down.

However this is not the only incident that has been reported in the last few days from the same place. It is heard that the Shahapur police are planning to bar tourists entry at Mahuli waterfall as they prefer people missing out on enjoying nature’s beauty, than people leaping to their deaths.

Source: Times of India


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