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Pollution In India is the major evil that is disturbing the normalcy of human life and surprisingly it is the human on the other side who is making it happen. Some section of people throw some impurities into the natural environment which creates pollution in India of air, water and soil. This is the basic reason for the drastic change in the levels of pollution that can be seen in today’s scenario. Pollution can be caused in various forms such as

Pollution in India 


Air Pollution

At present air pollution in India is very common and biggest problem. Because of the air get polluted we are not getting proper oxygen and causes many diseases, this generation is facing lot of diseases caused by air pollution.

Air Pollution in India

Most of the harmful diseases are spreading through the air, There are several causes for the air pollution. The ozone layer is getting damaged by this air pollution.

Reasons for Air Pollution

  • It is observed that mostly industries generating the harmful smoke is polluting the air in big volumes.
  • In the recent past, it is noticed that the number of vehicles are growing day by day releasing lot of harmful gases in the air
  • Unexpected fire burns in some areas also create some havoc in the surroundings emitting detrimental fumes.
  • Burning of coal and other fuels releases substantial quantity of  sulfur dioxides  to the air.
  • By this Sulfuric acid affect the rain called as acid rain.

Water Pollution

Water pollution means pollute natural water into unclean water, world is covered with 70% of water, water bodies like rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, ponds  water is the main sources of utilizing water for a human being. This is created by humans and also affected by the people. In some areas people used to drink the polluted water and suffered with dangerous diseases as they have no other option to drink.

Air Pollution in India - Water pollution

Reasons for Water Pollution

  • There are different reasons for Water Pollution in India, Industrial wastes that are released into lakes, ponds and other water bodies, due to this water gets polluted creating damage to the human living.   
  • Few people throw garbage into the ponds and lakes which is near to them by which water gets contaminated. And again this water is used for household or domestic purposes. This will lead to some health issues in human life.
  • People living in villages pollute water by not only giving bath to their cows and buffaloes but also bathing themselves in that water. This is really an uncontrolled activities in many villages.

Noise Pollution

This Sound or Noise pollution mainly shows effect on the human bodies and also the environment. Huge noise is very harmful to not only our neighbour but also for ourselves.  

Pollution in India - Noise pollution

Reasons for Noise Pollution

  • Sounds that are generated by industries and factories causes noise pollution
  • With the increase in population, number of vehicles are also increasing adding some more sound pollution to the existing ones. In addition, unnecessary horning of vehicles by the vehicle drivers create lot of noise pollution disturbing the peace and harmony of the atmosphere.
  • Frequently, Some of them use loudspeakers and microphones which produces noise and also damage ears.
  • Fireworks in manufacturing units, automobile companies,  steel and cement factories also generate lot of sound pollution as well as air pollution.

Soil Pollution

Soil is also a nature’s gift which comprises of various types of soils. All the greenery which we see in our surroundings is because of the fertility feature in that soil. But because of the global warming, not only air and water get polluted but also the soil. When soil is pure then evolutions from the soil will also be pure, if soil gets polluted then whatever comes from the soil will also be of the same nature. Below are some reasons that pollute soil.   

Pollution in India - Soil pollution

Reasons for Soil Pollution

  • Industrial garbage and agricultural wastes delivered in mass quantity in soil will lead to soil pollution.
  • The extract of animals blended in the soil and polluted it.
  • Usage of plastic material by the human beings and throwing the same plastic materials in open areas will lead to soil pollution.

Effects of Pollution

Pollution of air, water and soil affects human life, flora and fauna badly. Though there are some regulatory bodies working on the mentioned pollutions, still there is lot more to be controlled and regulated to overcome the following problems.

  • Effect of Air Pollution in India, causes lung related diseases, brain disorders etc.
  • Effect of Water Pollution in India, causes infections, diarrhoea etc.
  • Effects of sound pollution in India, causes hearing problems and effect on sense organs and mentally disturbed and also may get deafness.
  • Effects of soil pollution in India, it spoils the agriculture resources and we get chemicalized  foods that effects on body.


  • To prevent the pollution, firstly we have to save the existing trees and give importance to plantations and greenery.
  • Either reduce the usage of plastic products or follow the instructions of the plastic materials usage such as using plastic bags that have certain permissible limits which does not harm the nature.
  • Industries should be constructed far from the towns and a regulation must be imposed on them in maintaining the balance in environment and surroundings and also reduce releasing of the garbage into water bodies.

Finally, We have to restore and maintain the ecological balance in the present situation by following the rules and regulations of the environmental organisations.

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