Pench National Park

Pench national park is the beautiful, domestic and natural home for wildlife preservation and safety of environment. The national park is stated in district Chhindwara and Seoni in Madhya Pradesh.

Pench National Park

The Park is located in Southern edges of Satpuda hills. Pench is the River which that flows from North to South in park. The Tiger reservation is the main target of Pench national park.

Pench National Park

History and Significance

Pench national park is spread over Satpuda hills, the national park reserved for tigers like Kanha National park, and Satpura National park.

In 1977 the Pench national park area was declared as Pench wildlife sanctuary, but after 6 years in 1983 it was declared as national park, and after nine years in 1992 under Project Tiger the National park was included as 19th Tiger Reserve of India.  

In the old time, during British rule, some weird thing happened, that some of villager of Seoni district suddenly disappeared in forest, when searching team went into the forest searching them, then they found a human boy who was living with wolfs, and behave like wolfs, and he was like a member of wolf gang.

Later the boy was caught by searching team, and put to human society, but he wasn’t fit into the human, and didn’t survive long.

The famous Mogali character is the inspiration from that boy. The park covers 758sq km of area. The incredible flora and fauna and the scenic views looks so attractive and adorable.

Entry Fee for Visit the Pench National Park

For Indians- 15rs per person

For Foreigners- 150rs per person

Fee for Mini bus with guide- 150rs per person

Online bookings are also available for bookings. You can also take your camera with you.

Timings of Pench National Park

Summer timing

Morning time-6.30am to 9.30am

Evening time-4.00pm to 6.30pm

Winter timing

Morning time-7.30am to 10.30am

Evening time-3.00pm to 5.30pm

Best time to Visit the Pench National Park

The ideal time to visit the park is between months of November to May month. During rainy season the park remains closed, which is from July to October.

So make sure that do not make your tripping plan within these months.

How to Reach Pench National Park

Pench National Park - Guide

By Air-Nagpur and Jabalpur airports are the nearest airports to pench national park. Nagpur airport is 110km away from national park, and Jabalpur airport is 215km away from Pench Park.

Nagpur airport is international airport, full of facilities. Both the airports are well connected with road networks.

By Rail-Nagpur and Jabalpur railway stations are nearest railway station from Pench National Park. Nagpur is 105km and Jabalpur railway station is 200km away from national park.

Both railway stations are well connected with roads and major cities, so you need not to face any kind of trouble.  

By Road-there are numbers of government and private vehicles available for pench national park. You can hire your private taxi, or can go by private or government buses.

The popular entrance for pench national park is Turia entrance gate, the gate is most frequent used for entrance.

Special Attraction of Pench National Park

SitaGhat-The place Sitaghat is famous for beautiful scenic views and trees. The sunset and sunrise looks charming here.

AliKatta– This Place is stated in the center of pench National Park. Here you can see thousands of spotted deer grazing in the grass field. Elephant are also visible here.

Bodhanala Range-Bamboo forest, sloping hills and a large pond is the main attraction of this place. Bodhanala range is like heaven for birds, thousands of birds chirping here, and living in that place with nests.

Bodhanala Range

Chhindimatta Road-this road is a boundary line between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The area is with ups and down hills, and you will find eagle, hawks and many other birds here.

Kalapahad– this hilly area is covered with green forest. Leopards, Langur and wild boars are commonly visible here.

As well as Doob road, Raiyakasa are also the main attractions of Pench National Park.

Dominant Flora and Fauna of Pench National Park

Main Flora-the park area located in Satpuda Hills, the forest covers Southern Teak, and Dry Teak. Park area covered with grasses, shrubs and plant bushes.

In some area you will find the bamboo jungle, but in some area it is restricted.

Main Fauna of National park

Mammals– Tiger, Sloth bear, Leopard, wild dogs, Wild Boar, Hyena, wild wolf, Jackal, red foxes, Sambar, Spotted deer, Langur, wild cat, Neelgai, barking Deer, Indian civet, Honey badger, Porcupine, mongoose, palm Civet, Malabar Squirrel, tree mouse, common tree mouse, Black Hare, Chinkara, Four horn Antelope, Indian flying fox, Pipsitrelle, Bats, Indian False Vampire etc.

Indian False Vampire

Reptile-Rat Snake, vine Snake, Red Sand Boa, Rock python, Russell’s viper, Gamma Snake, Little Glory, Buff Striped Keel back, Wolf snake, kukri Snake, spectacled Cobra, King Cobra, and Saw scaled Viper etc.

Butterflies-Crimson Rose, Baronet, common Tiger, Yellow swallowtail, great Egg fly, Danaid Egg fly, Cabbage Whit, Mormoprinceps, Jezebel etc are the types of butterflies you will found there.

Birds-there are 250 species of birds includes in the national park- Peafowl, crow, Jungle fowl, pintail, Bulbul, magpie Robin, Shovellar, lesser whistling tail, Pheasant, Eagle, Hawks etc.

Expect that several types of amphibians like Common tree, Indian Bull, Marbled toad, common Toad etc are also part of dominant fauna.

Resorts/Hotels Near Pench National Park

Pench Jungle Camp, Baghvan, Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench, Mahua van and Jungle home are the famous resorts near National park, as well as many of lodges and resorts you will found near to national park, you can do advance booking by phone or online. The accommodation is not the major problem here at all.

Pench national is one of the beautiful Parks, of Madhya Pradesh adjoining Maharashtra. The beautiful Satpuda hills and the Pench River increase the charm of national park.

Project tiger and preservation of tigers is the way of developing direction. Unique flora and fauna, beautiful birds, mammals and reptiles all are the part of our ecosystem.

So if you are planning to visit the Pench National Park, take your kids also with you, because here they can learn many things about wildlife and biodiversity.

The sloping hills, deep dark forests and sunset views are incredible. The curious thing for kids also will be the Mowgli character was inspired by this area, and also the famous jungle book was written on Mowgli, which is one of the favorite cartoon and movie character of children.  

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