Patel S.I.R marks Jagapati Babu’s transition from hero to villain to hero again


The actor who managed to reinvent himself as a villain not just in Tollywood but also in the Malayalam film industry is back to being the leading man with ‘Patel S.I.R’.

When asked about the transition to an antagonist, he once reportedly stated, “As a hero, I had no market. I did not see a point in doing stupid films. Things were so bad that I went bankrupt and had to sell my home and shift into an apartment. It was traumatic being jobless.”
It was then that he decided to switch gears and reinvent himself as the big bad wolf, complete with a salt and pepper beard that seems to have become his trademark now. Along with his devastatingly handsome transformation, he also reinvented the notion of how a villain should look ugly.

He went on to succesfully break the mould that stereotypes and judges an actor’s worth by them being the ‘hero’ of a film. From being a successful hero to playing strong supporting actor roles and even antagonists, Jagapati Babu is back with a bang, all set to play the protagonist in the revenge thriller ‘Patel S.I.R’.


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