Palmistry Marriage Lines – See How Much Your Hand Predicts About Your Marriage Life

Palmistry - Predections

Palmistry Marriage Lines is the study of personality and character traits of a person by observing the shape and size of lines on the palms. For right-handed individuals, left-hand lines reveal the character traits, personality and destiny whereas the right-hand lines depict the direction of life. For left-handed individuals, it is vice-versa.

Anyone would feel excited to explore more about themselves, especially when it comes to love and relationships. In palmistry marriage line is the trickiest to interpret and often misunderstood at times. They are the minor lines as they’re difficult to spot. Marriage lines are located right below the pinkie finger, with each horizontal line indicating strong emotional faces of life. Read on to know more about marriage line and its revelations.

Palmistry Marriage Lines Significance

palmistry marriage lines are also termed as the lines of union. These lines play a significant role in figuring out the kind of relationship one will experience. You can turn your palm to the side and can see them.

One may have one line, multiple lines or even no lines of marriage. In few hands, marriage lines may develop very late (in mid-30’s or even later) which indicate late marriage.

Location and Meaning

Palmistry marriage lines - Left Hand for MEN and Right Hand for WOMEN

Marriage line primarily depicts the state of marriage life, marriage time and attitude towards the marriage. This line is situated right under the base of the pinkie finger and just above the heart line. The length, shape, and numbers of the lines interpret distinct meanings of marriage life. The analysis given below might give you a bit of understanding on palmistry marriage lines.

Palmistry Marriage Line  Effects in Married Life

1. Length

i. Deep Straight Line

A deep and straight marriage line designate long and loving life. It replicates a passionate and happy family. Deeper and longer line indicates not only successful marriage but also ensure great achievements in career after marriage.

Palmistry marriage lines - Deep Straight Lineii. Short & Shallow

Short and shallow marriage line specifies passionless relationship. It shows love is hard for these people. In most cases, this line even indicate late marriage.

Palmistry marriage lines - Short and Shallow2. Curved

i. Curving Upwards

The upward curving line demonstrates strong and constant love followed with a happily settled marriage life. It indicates a successful, rich and happy life with the partner.

ii. Curving Downwards

If marriage line goes downhill it is definitely not a good sign. It predicts partner might die earlier. Some other times, it indicates marriage crisis and personality tiffs with the partner. Mostly, a separation or divorce may happen.

Palmistry marriage lines - Curving Downwards3. Peculiar Shapes

If the marriage line is either waved or chained or carries any other peculiar shape it indicates emotional ups and downs in the marriage life. This may lead to separation or even divorce.

Palmistry marriage lines - Peculiar Shapes4. Meanings of the Numbers of Lines

i. No Marriage Lines

No marriage line indicates zero desire to enter into love or relationships. Instead, people with no line intend to give more importance to career and hobbies. But however, as they age and socialize often, the marriage line may develop. If an already married person doesn’t have the line, the worst case scenario can be his little interest in his partner.

ii. Two Marriage Lines

Some believe that two marriage lines indicate two marriages in the life of a person. However, this is not true, as long as the lines are profound, the people still possess a happy and everlasting marriage.

Palmistry marriage lines - Two-lines-on-palm

  •         If both the lines run parallel with the same length, it specifies a complicated marriage.
  •         If both the lines run parallel with different lengths, this indicates love-triangle situations.
  •         When the two lines are not parallel, it signifies divorce or separation.

iii. Three or More Marriage Lines

Palmistry marriage lines - Three or More Marriage Lines

If there are three or more lines, it depicts the romantic character of the person. It symbolizes the poor conception and uneventful life. The more lines indicate the complex marriage life.

In summary, the marriage line tells about interrelationship aspect of a personality. Reading the palm gives the opportunity to become aware of potential shortcomings. These marriage lines goes a long way in providing an insight into what future relationships might be like. No matter what kind of line you have, a sound marriage needs you to manage carefully.

All the above readings, whether bad or good, should only serve to encourage the imagination of life. Although life may be read in hands, the actions play a deciding role in pursuing the happy life. Still, the phrase “your future is in your hands” now has so much more meaning!

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