Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Om Jai Shiv Omkara is a hymn addressed to Lord Shiva and is popularly called as ‘Shivji ki aarti’ as this bhajan or song is sung while performing rituals to Lord Shiva in temples. It is famous throughout the north of India. It is written by a monk called Swami Shivananda probably in or around the city of Varanasi. In the late nineteenth century, Swami Vivekananda heard this hymn being recited in Varanasi and then brought it back to the Belur Math (headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission) in Bengal.

Jai shiv omkar

Of all the arati hymns, this one is unique because although it is addressed to Shiva and is Shaivite in nature, it brings out the idea that Shiva is to be realized as the Self of all, and in Shiva oneness of the so-called Triumvirate of Creator-Sustainer-Dissolver is realized. Shaivism teaches that the so-called Triumvirate or “Hindu Trinity” exists only in a matter of speaking. In reality, there is only that One, Shiva, who in different capacities may be called Creator, Sustainer, and Dissolver. Shaivism, therefore, is not the religion of the Dissolver God, even if this is a popular understanding among many.

Nowhere is the bhajan in both English and Hindi.

Om Jai Shiv Omkara bhajan in English

Jai Shiv Omkara

Jai Shiv Omkara, Om Jai Shiva Omkara,
Bramha, Vishnu, Sadashiv, Ardhangi Dhaara.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: Glory to you, O Shiva! Glory to you, O Omkaara! May Brahma, Vishnu and the assembly of other gods, including the great Lord Shiva, relieve me of my afflictions!

Ekanan Chaturanan Panchanan Raje,
Hansana Garudasana Vrishvaahan Saaje.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: Being the Absolute, True being, Consciousness and Bliss, you play the roles of all the three Gods – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. As Vishnu, you have but one face, as Brahma four and as Shiva five. They gladden the sight of all who behold them. As Brahma you prefer the back of the swan for your seat, as Vishnu, you like to ensconce yourself on the back of Garuda (A large mythological eagle – like bird believed to be the vehicle of Lord Vishnu) and as Shiva, you make the sacred bull your conveyance; all these stands ready. O Great Lord, pray rid me of my afflictions!

 Do Bhuj Chaar Chaturbhuj Dasamukh Ati Sohe,
Trigun Roop Nirakhate Tribhuvan Jan Mohe.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: As Brahma, you possess two arms, as Vishnu four and as Shiva (Dashabaahu) ten, all of which look matchlessly lovely. No sooner do the inhabitants of the three spheres behold you than they are all enchanted. O great Lord Omkaara, pray rid me of my afflictions.

Akshamaala Vanamaala Mundamaala Dhaari,
Tripuraari Kansaari Kar Maala Dhaari.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: You are, O great Lord Omkaara, wearing a garland of Rudraksha, another of forest flowers the third of skulls; your forehead, glistening in the moonlight which it holds, is smeared with sandal-paste and musk. Pray rid me of my afflictions.

Shvetambar Pitambar Baaghambar Ange,
Sanakaadik Garunaadik Bhutaadik Sange.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: O great Lord Omkaara, your body is attired in white and yellow silken clothes and in tiger skin, while in your company are troops of goblins, gods like Brahma and divine seems like Sanaka. Pray rid me of my afflictions.

 Kar Ke Madhye Kamandalu Chakra Trishul Dhari,
Sukhakaari Dukhahaari Jagapaalan Kaari.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: O great Lord Omkaara, you hold akamandalu (the mendicants water-jar) in one of your hands and in another a trident; you bring joy to all, destroy all distress and sustain the whole world. May you rid me of all my afflictions!

Bramha Vishnu Sadashiv Jaanat Aviveka,
Pranava Akshar Mein Shobhit Ye Tino Ekaa.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: The ignorant (unwise and stupid) know Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as three individual gods, but they are all indistinguishably fused into a single mystic syllable ‘OM’. Pray rid me of my afflictions.

Triguna Swamiji Ki Aarti Jo Koi Nar Gave,
Kahat Shivanand Swami Sukh Sampati Pave.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: Says Swami Shivananda, “He who recites this Arti to the Lord of the three Gunas-sattva, rajas, and tamas – attains fulfillment of his heart’s desire”. O great Lord Omkaara, may you rid me of my afflictions.

Om Jai Shiv Omkara bhajan in Hindi:

Jai Shiv Omkara

जय शिव ओंकारा, ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा ।

ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, सदाशिव, अर्द्धांगी धारा ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

एकानन चतुरानन पंचानन राजे ।

हंसासन गरूड़ासन वृषवाहन साजे ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

दो भुज चार चतुर्भुज दसभुज अति सोहे ।

त्रिगुण रूप निरखते त्रिभुवन जन मोहे ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

अक्षमाला वनमाला मुण्डमाला धारी ।

त्रिपुरारी कंसारी कर माला धारी ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

श्वेतांबर पीतांबर बाघंबर अंगे ।

सनकादिक गरुणादिक भूतादिक संगे ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

कर के मध्य कमंडलु चक्र त्रिशूलधारी ।

सुखकारी दुखहारी जगपालन कारी ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

ब्रह्मा विष्णु सदाशिव जानत अविवेका ।

प्रणवाक्षर में शोभित ये तीनों एका ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

लक्ष्मी व सावित्री पार्वती संगा ।

पार्वती अर्द्धांगी, शिवलहरी गंगा ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

पर्वत सोहैं पार्वती, शंकर कैलासा ।

भांग धतूर का भोजन, भस्मी में वासा ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

जटा में गंग बहत है, गल मुण्डन माला ।

शेष नाग लिपटावत, ओढ़त मृगछाला ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

काशी में विराजे विश्वनाथ, नंदी ब्रह्मचारी ।

नित उठ दर्शन पावत, महिमा अति भारी ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

त्रिगुणस्वामी जी की आरति जो कोइ नर गावे ।

कहत शिवानंद स्वामी सुख संपति पावे ॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

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