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OM Chanting Benefits – Powerful Om Mantra Chanting


OM Chanting Benefits – OM (pronounced as ‘AUM’) is India’s paramount mantra and most sacred religious hymn, pranava. In relation to hinduism and Yoga, OM chanting is done before the start of yoga and at the end of yoga exercises. Since Vedic ages, Om mantra had great significance and still been given. It is given high priority than any mantra in Hinduism. OM chanting make you know the ethereal and intensity of the divine mystery.


OM Chanting

OM does not represent any historical or mythological event, it is a ilk of incoherent exclamation recited when one is encountered with the presence within and oneself. OM chanting brings you the hidden creativeness and spiritual aspects from your body. It has got rich meaning from both symbol and sound perspective and yields better results when pronounced rightly, AUM.

AUM Means?

Om or AUM is a combination of three syllables or letters – A, U and M and a fourth syllable, Silence. Each letter has its own significance which states like this:

Om, Pronounced as AUM

  • A –  This first syllable must be pronounced as the extended “awe”. The sound begins at the back of your throat and prolong it out. The moment you pronounce this, you feel that your chest and solar network vibrating.
  • U – This second syllable must be pronounced like an extended “ooo”. At this stage, you feel that the sound touches the roof of the mouth and a throat vibration is felt.
  • M – This must be pronounced like an extended “mmmm” with your front teeth mildly touching. Now here, you feel like experiencing the height of the vibration.


The fourth syllable in OM chanting is the silence that is considered as the rise of intelligence from the internal.

OM/AUM signifies all possible triads in time such as the past, present and future and place. It also states that God is existing in everything and enhances to know the depth of the divine mystery. It is also considered that these triad epitomizes Shakti, the divine energy and its three chief traits: Creation, Preservation and Liberation.

Why OM Chanting?

Whole lot in this universe vibrate and pulsate, nothing stands firmly. Technically, while doing OM chanting, the sound ‘OM’ vibrates at a frequency of 432 Hertz, which is similar to the vibrations of everything in the universe.


So, AUM is the elemental sound of the universe. Hence by chanting Om we are physically and symbolically harmonizing in to that sound and verbally recognizing receipt of something and getting connected to all living things in this beautiful nature.


In addition, the rhythmic pronunciation and vibration of Om chanting also show some positive changes in the body such as decrease in your blood pressure levels, balance in your nervous system, appeasing the mind, gradual relaxation of the entire body and ultimately making your heart stay healthy.

Finally, OM chanting is a better practice for everybody to stay being mindful and rejuvenate ourselves by bringing the new energy and avoid stressful life.

Sitting Posture to chant AUM

Benefits of OM Chanting

Chanting OM - Benefits

Since years, Indians have been chanting the sacred Hindu mantra, Om and have realized many benefits out of it. To most of the people it is just a word that is extracted out from the Hindu Ritual texts. But you will be bewildered to know that even science has accepted that chanting OM has spiritual, psychological and therapeutic benefits such as :

OM Chanting Helps in Reducing Stress

Scientific studies have identified that OM chanting is performed rightly then it helps in decreasing the adrenaline levels which indirectly calm downs the stress levels. Chanting OM separates you from the world that is connected with tensions, you will be in search of peace without undergoing any disturbances and feel serene and pious. Whenever you feel depressed or your mind is disturbed then find a convenient place to do OM chanting and meditation as well which brings out new ideologies and energy levels to rebound yourself.

OM Chanting -To generate Positive Energy

OM Chanting Enhances Concentration Levels

OM chanting must be done in such a way that you detach from the world that is associated with disturbances and tensions, then only you can shift your mind from the unstable state to stable. When you perform OM chanting with full focus on the vibrations evolved within for a while, then you observe that your concentration levels get enhanced and improved.

OM Chanting Helps in Stay Away from Negative Feelings

In this digitally connected world, people get attracted to negative things within short span by which mind starts thinking in the negative track keeping all the consequences aside. Typically, law of attraction states that when we are fascinated to negative things in the world, then we gravitate to send negative tremors to the world which in return throws a negative vibe. In order to maintain and balance of state of mind and develop a positivity in our thinking and perspectives, Chant OM mantra with full concentration then your soul starts communicating with the positive vibes in the society. With regular practice of OM chanting, Unknowingly you start differentiating the negative aspects and positive aspects of the files received to your mind.

OM Chanting Helps you in Having Proper Sleep

Today’s Digital world has made people busy rushing around and feeling stressed with no proper sleep, leading to some health issues. Now this can be sorted out by OM chanting along with meditation before going to sleep. Doing this on a regular basis, you will find that your sleeping pattern gets changed gradually and the quality of sleep improved.

OM Mantra Helps in Digestive System & Heart Functioning

Chanting OM mantra not only regulates blood flow to various parts of the body but also helps in controlling blood pressure, reason being you getting segregated from the world of worries. Surprisingly, your respiration process and heartbeat gets normalized. In fact, your heart functions more actively and efficiently. Due to the vibrations evolved from the OM chanting and deep breathing activity, your digestive system will be balanced.

OM Chanting Reinforces Your spinal Cord

As mentioned earlier, OM is pronounced as AUM, It is scientifically researched and found that the vibrations generated while chanting OM mantra will have significant impacts on the spinal cord. If a person suffering from spinal cord problems at lower or mid-level, then the low-cost remedial solution would be OM chanting.

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