NTR’s Bigg Boss: Too Much Drama and Fakeness


Bigg Boss show got huge mileage and is riding on unprecedented craze as Jr. NTR is hosting it.

Television audience expected the show to offer new kind of entertainment, unlike routine game shows. It took off to a bright start with NTR at the helm for its introduction episode.

NTR was seen only in the introduction episode where he introduced the contestants and explained the game rules. From then on it is all up to the contestants who are clearly putting up an ‘act’ in the reality show.

The show was supposed to be real and natural, but everything about Bigg Boss seems forced and fake.

Contestants are either over doing it or simply sitting idle in the ‘house’ which is testing the patience of the audience.

Except for a couple of contestants like Dhanraj and Sameer, everyone is irritating to the core.

Female contestants, in particular, are torturing audiences with their silly arguments and antics. There is not a single bright moment to make it interesting until now.

Hopefully, it may get better as it goes forward. The drama in the house has already reached unbearable levels that people are waiting for the weekend so that NTR takes over.

Source: Great Andhra


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