Nokrek National Park

Nokrek National park is located in the hilly tracts of West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya/ Due to abundant rainfall and high fertile soil in the region, this area emerged as a home to large variety of animal and plant species.

Owing to its rich Bio-Diversity it was added to the UNESCO’s list of Biosphere reserves in May 2009. This national park spreads across an area of 47.48 Km2. It earned the status of National park in the year 1986.

Because of the ideal weather conditions and great vegetation, wildlife thrives here. Nokrek is the highest peak in Garo hills and it is the origin point of many rivers in the region.

Nokrek National park

Nokrek National Park

Topography and Geology

The terrain of Nokrek National park is hilly one. The soils of this region are rich in Nitrogen and Organic matter but lack Potash and Phosphate. Most of the area here is covered with red Loam and occasionally at few places it varies from clayey to Sandy Loamy.

The rocks found here are mainly are Mimatites, Granulites, Amphibolites and Gneisses. One can find patchy sedimentary rocks comprising of Pebble bed, Carbonaceous Shales and Sand stone.

Red Panda at Nokrek National Park

Nokrek National Park - Red Panda

Nokrek National Park serves as the habitat for the rarest Red Panda species on this Earth. Very strict rules were enforced here regarding the protection of Red panda’s. Therefore tourists were strictly regulated in the core area of national park where Red Panda’s dwell.

Endemic Plant Species of Nokrek National Park

Nokrek National Park houses the endemic Citrus-Indica species. Locally it was referred as Memang narang which means “Orange of Spirits”. An area of here was declared as National citrus gene Sanctuary-cum-Biosphere Reserve.

What to See?

The entire National Park was covered in thick canopy of trees. As this region receives rainfall for almost throughout the year, the tress here will never shed leaves and remain evergreen forever. The following are some the notable places that are worth watching-

  1. Nokrek Peak – It is the highest peak in Garo hills with an altitude of 1412 meters above sea level.
  2. Rongbang Dare Waterfall– This waterfall is located on the tributary of River Simsang. We can find this on the Tura-William Nagar road. The best time to visit this waterfall is during Monsoon period.

c.)  Siju Caves– A large number of Sedimentary caves can be found in Nokrek National Park. One among them was Siju cave which runs for many miles and it is completely filled with water.

d.)  Napak Lake and Simsang Game Reserve.

Fauna at Nokrek National Park

Dominant Birds– Nokrek National park is also the habitat for a large number of Bird species and is said to be an ideal place for bird watchers. The following are some of the important birds can be found here- White-throated Bulbul, Bay Woodpecker, White Cheek Partridge, Green Pigeon, Great Hornbill, Mountain Bamboo Partridge and Peacocks.

Dominant Animals– Besides serving as a home to Rad Panda and Asiatic Elephants. It is also the natural habitat for following animals- Jungle Cat, Slow Loris, Wild Buffalo, Hoolock Gibbons, Stump-Tailed Macaques, Clouded Leopard, Fishing-Cat, Pig-Tailed Macaques and Capped Langur etc.

How to Reach?

By AirGuwahati Airport is the nearest Airport located at a distance of 140km away from Nokrek National Park.

By Road– All the major cities in Meghalaya are well connected with this National Park. A large number of Private and government vehicles are operated between Nokrek National Park and Other Important places.

By Rail– Guwahati Railway Station is the nearest Railway station located at a distance of 160 Km away from Nokrek National Park.


Recently park officials started offering cottage services outside the National park. However, prior booking is mandatory for a stay over there. The nearest city to Nokrek National Park is Tura town, event this town offers some decent accommodation facilities.

Tourists were recommended to carry food/snacks along with them while visiting this park. Since no canteens were present in the surroundings of Nokrek National Park.

Best Time to Visit

October to May are the best months to visit Nokrek National Park.

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