News of my secret meeting with Vladimir Putin is ‘fake’ and ‘sick’: Donald Trump

putin and trump


  • The US President said there was no “secret” meeting and added that all G20 leaders were invited for dinner
  • The White House acknowledged the meeting took place but downplayed its significance

NEW DELHI: US President Donald Trump has called “fake news” and “sick” reports that he and Russia‘s Vladimir Putin had a second “secret” meeting at the recent G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

The US President said there was no “secret dinner” and added that all G20 leaders and their spouses were invited by the Chancellor of Germany, something the press knew about.

Earlier, US media reports said that Trump and Russian President Putin met for a second time on July 7 – in addition to the first widely publicised meeting – and spoke for close to 60 minutes.

The White House then put out a statement acknowledging the meeting, added that it was “brief” and said that Trump spoke with Putin through Russia’s translator, reported CNN. Each country was only allowed only one translator, the White House said, and the US one only spoke Japanese.

The White House, in its statement, sought to downplay the significance of the discussion.”It is not merely perfectly normal, it is part of a president’s duties, to interact with world leaders,” the White House statement said. It also disputed characterising the discussion as a “second meeting,” reported CNN.

According to the US National Public Radio (NPR), the person who brought this second Putin-Trump meeting to light is Ian Bremmer, president of a global consulting firm Eurasia Group. He said he was told of the meeting by other world leaders who were present.

Source: Times Of India


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