Navegaon National Park

Navegaon National Park - Featured

Navegaon National Park is a great treat for Bird watchers, animal and for nature lovers. Navegaon national Park was located in the easternmost part of Maharashtra, gondia district which had earned the sobriquet “lakes district of India”, because of presence of large number of lakes over there.

These lakes were built by local gonds for supporting agriculture, but today they serve as a habitat to huge number of animals and birds. Navegaon Lake is a part of those lakes and its surroundings were fenced and eventually declared as a national park. The total extent of the park is 133.88 square km.

Navegaon National Park

Navegaon National Park - Birds


The most remarkable part of Navegaon Lake is its location being situated in the midst of Seven Hills and lush greenery in eye’s vicinity was truly an appealing one for weary souls. Atop of every Hill a temple was constructed.

Tourist can trek the Hills and visit those temples one by one. View from the top of every Hill is an enthralling one. At one end of the park a watchtower is located. One can have a bird’s eye view from there over entire National Park.

Safari at Navegaon National Park

Safari at Navegaon National Park will provide an opportunity for tourist to explore the beautiful wildlife in the forest. One should not get dissatisfied in the event of not Sporting get tiger and Leopard, because there is a very rich abundant animal life in the forest that we need to consider.

Navegaon National Park - Safari

But if you are lucky enough you can see a Leopard or a tiger. Forest authorities will take you through the forest fruits and there are nearly 5 watchtower and 5 watch cabins in entire Sanctuary. Will serve as a best spot for getting a completely of Sanctuary.

Cheap Attractions of the Area

Navegaon National Park comprises of a three exotic Gardens, Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and a Deer park. You can tour them by boarding a train which runs meanders. It will finally leave you at Navegaon Lake. The water at navigate lake is well maintained by authorities, you can find a coin visible even after dropping it in the lake. In the centre of the lake a Small Island named Maar Dunga is located and you can reach there by a boat.               

Aviary at Navegaon National Park

Approximately 60% of entire bird species of Maharashtra reside in Navegaon National Park. A large number of migratory birds flock to this area during the winter season. It is the hot spot of bird watchers and nature lovers. The following Birds can be found here White-billed Drongo, Erasion blackbird, Jungle babble, Honey buzzard, White- browed fantail, Pale-billed Flowerpecker, Common Kingfisher, Ashy- crowned Sparrow lark, Scarlet Minivets, White- throated kingfisher, Indian peafowl, Green Bee-eater, rose- ringed parakeet, Crested bunting and black kite etc.

Dominant Mammals and Reptiles

Navegaon National Park is the home of a large number of animals – Sambar, jackal, Jungle Cat, Bison, Panther, Small Indian Civet, Tiger, Chital, Jackal, Wolf and Sloth Bear can be found here.

The dominant reptiles which can be seen are Indian Python, Bark Gecko, Indian Cobra, Skink Snake and Cat Snake etc.


Navegaon National Park - Resorts

A wide range of options are available for tourists in accommodation. Those who wish to have an epic and adventurous stay can opt for Tree houses, which are provided by the Park authorities. In addition to this regular cottages and tent camps were also availbale here. Even private rest houses and lodgings were located outside the National Park.

How to Reach

By Road – Navegaon National Park is connected well to almost all the cities in the region. A large number of Private and Government travels are operated between Navegaon National Park and these major cities.

By Rail – Deulhoan is the closest Railway Station which is just 2km away from Navegaon National Park,

By Air – Nagpur Airport is the nearest, located 150 km away from Navegaon National Park. From there you can reach Navegaon National Park by private cabs.

Best Time to Visit

For keen Bird watchers October to June is the best months to visit this place. Otherwise you can visit this place at any time of the year.

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