Nagaland CM rejects Governor’s direction of floor test

Nagaland Cm


  • This is an internal affair of the party, the CM said
  • Governor can only call for a floor test when a no-confidence is moved by the opposition, he added rejecting the floor test

GUWAHATI: Worsening the political crisis in Nagaland, Chief Minister Shuroziele Leizeitsu has rejected Governor PB Acharya‘s direction to prove his majority on the floor of the House by July 15, saying that the Governor has no role to play in internal matters of a political party.

An officer-on-special-duty in Nagaland Raj Bhawan said that contrary to media reports, the Governor has not changed the schedule for the floor test on or before July 15.

“Yes, I have replied to the Governor that the present crisis is an internal matter of the party and this has to be resolved within the party and not on the floor of the House,” Leitzeitsu told TOI.

He added, “The governor can summon the chief minister to prove his majority on the floor of the house only when there is a no-confidence moved by the opposition. In Nagaland, there is no opposition.”

 “The Supreme Court has clearly laid down that the Governor has no authority on his own to summon, prorogue or dissolve the Legislative Assembly. He can only do so on the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister,” the CM responded in his letter that was sent to the Governor through assembly speaker Imtiwapang.
“This being the inescapable position of law since the Council of Ministers has not advised the Governor to summon the State Legislative Assembly, the question of summoning the State Legislative Assembly on or before 15/07/2017 does not arise,” the CM wrote.


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