My School Essay

My School Essay

School days will certainly remain the best part of a person’s life. Right from the waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, everything runs in a routine course. School life plays a major role in making a person disciplined. Maybe few students hated school, maybe few loved school, however it is once you pass out, the school days will never return anymore.

My School Essay

Well, waking up in the morning is tough, that too at 6.30a.m. No I am just not allowed to be late as my school starts from 8.30 in the morning. Before the alarm, my mother’s voice wakes me up.

So here my day starts. It is a routine , a complete routine that I follow every day. I got to the breakfast table, where my father was reading newspaper. By 8a.m, i am all ready to hit the school bus. It takes me 15 minutes to walk down the street and catch the school bus.

8.15a.m – At the bus stand, waiting for the bus. The saddest news is my bus never comes late. Sharp at 8.18a.m, I spotted my yellow colored school bus approaching with great speed. It takes just 10 minutes to reach school from my home. “Good morning” my best friend greeted me. From the moment I board the bus, our talking starts.

We reached school at 8.30a.m. Entering the white colored school building every day is boring. But who cares, I went to my classroom on the third floor. It is a everyday routine to discuss about our homework, who did it, who did not do it and it ends with the prayer bell at 8.35a.m. Our prayer takes place in the big auditorium, right at the back of our school building.

8.45a.m – We returned back to our classroom. First period starts with Business Mathematics. 25 minutes, that’s how long our classes lasts. The second period is my favorite, English literature, our class X syllabus has Shakespeare stories, few students find it hard to understand but not me, I love literature. Our second period started with surprise test. As always, I scored the highest marks.

By the end of the fourth period, I become too hungry. My mother prepares some yummy meals for me. Every day she gives me different meal like sandwich, salads and stuffs like that. We get a break of 30 minutes, that’s when we go to the big playground of our school and do some fun activities. By the end of fifth hour, I always start yawning. Well I am a good student, other than maths, I score really high is all the other subjects.

Our school ends at 1p.m. But my day don’t. I go to the school library to study. Yes we have got a big library with some great collection. I don’t return by the school bus, my mother picks me up at 1.30p.m.

We return home by 1.45p.m. My mother makes it a point to feed me a proper lunch after that. 2p.m to 3.30p.m is my leisure time, I prepare for the upcoming events I our school. I am a volunteer, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of organizing all the events. Our school always participates in fun activities once or twice every month. It actually helps us to stay motivated.

From 4p.m my private tuition starts, it ends at 6p.m. No my day still don’t end there, my school has introduced basketball, that’s what I practice till 7p.m. Not only basketball but in the extracurricular activity section my school has introduced swimming and dancing as well. I had to choose two activities, I took basketball and swimming. I go to swimming practice session only three days a week.

It is mandatory to study from 7.30p.m to 9.30p.m. If I don’t get to the dinner table by 9.40p.m my mother will start shouting. For me everything has to be wrapped up by 10.30 o’clock, as that’s my bedtime. That’s it for today.

Well that’s the school life of a student. The initial grooming starts right from the school days. Few students might have hated the life, might have felt bored but unknowingly, each student has learned some rules and regulations. The events taught the students’ team work which comes to aid only when we grow up and hit the corporate. School has got lot to contribute in a student’s life, from education to organizing an event, from managing tasks properly to coordination, that’s what we learn.

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