My AIM in Life Essay

My Aim in Life

A 90 minutes football match is all about few goals and a victory at the end. Similarly life offers you the same choice but with one single goal. Success or win in real life depends on one fixed goal.

My Aim In Life Essay

Life is a huge span of time where you can do whatever you wish to.  But nothing can be done in a concrete form without a fixed aim or goal. The world has too many things to offer to you but one should focus on what he wants. This makes a goal stronger and helps you to deal with every situation in life.

The goal in life is determined by what you want to be in life?  Choosing a career is the most important decision in one’s life. Due to globalization there are huge opportunities in every sector.  The more openings have created a fuss among people in choosing the right career.

We often do mistake in selecting something which we are not capable in doing.  That happens due to quick decisions and aimless future. Our planning should be very strong in choosing the right field and drive ourselves towards the goal.

It may sound bitter but the reality speaks for something which is never sweet.  At the end your success depends on your establishment in the society and of course the bank balance. Again this depends on the career you choose and obviously a little bit of your luck which is predominantly an important factor.  

The best part about having an aim in life is that one can move smoothly with his or her plans.  There will not be any sudden change neither will there be any unknown happenings.  One should follow the aim till it is achieved.

Success is something which cannot be achieved easily.  One has to work real hard to get even the slightest taste of success.  Life is highly unpredictable. It can change at any point by crashing all your set goals and bring a disaster but on the contrary it can also bring fortune for you.

Set up the right goal for your future and try to implement every possible ways to make it a success.  Life can become completely directionless if there is no such aim. Only a proper to do something can guide you further and help you to establish yourself in this competitive world.

Make a proper goal and play the match wisely.

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