Mumbai Has a 66-Million-Year-Old Secret & It’s Been Right in Front of Your Eyes the Whole Time!

old mumbai

Three places in the entire world were witnesses to a long bygone event that made the world as we see it today. One of which is our very own city of dreams, Mumbai!

How well do you think you know Mumbai?

You’re probably aware that it is the birthplace of Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling, and of course, you’ve witnessed the many ‘firsts’ that took shape in the city, in the form of an airport, railway station and five-star hotel.

But there’s something about Mumbai that you’re not aware of, which has remained a secret for a very, very long time – about 66 million years to be precise.

Located in the heart of the city, a magnanimous landmass that stands the test of time, or more accurately, has existed even before the concept of time, continues to remain a mystery.

Still scratching your head?

Remember the asteroid that had been the catalyst for the mass extinction that hit the earth and brought the end of dinosaurs?

Only three locations in the entire world house the remnants of a large volcanic bubble that froze mid-air, turning into gigantic rock structures – The Devil’s Postpile in California, The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and Gilbert Hill in Andheri West, Mumbai.

A video by Jaskunwar Kohli Films and AlterEgoCrew talks about this ‘hidden secret’ of Mumbai. Be prepared to have your mind blown by the sheer fact of having lived close to something this extraordinary, right within the City of Dreams!

Source: Better India


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