Mrugavani National Park

Mrugavani National Park - Featured

Mrugavani National Park is located at Chirkur, which is just 25 km away from Hyderabad. Nestled over 850 acres, Mrugavani National Park is bestowed with lush greeneries, wild animals and rich vegetations.

In the year 1994, The Indian Government confirmed Mrugavani National Park as a safe haven for the wild creatures.

Mrugavani National Park

Mrugavani National Park

The sole motive of doing so was to protect the wildlife from any harm. The vision of the Indian Government to preserve the flora and fauna from human interference and to let it flourish, was successful, as the park is only for visit and not for hunting.

Mrugavani National Park is the homeland of array of wildlife creatures. While roaming around you will catch glimpses of Black-napped hares, Foxes, Monitor Lizard, Mangoose, Cheetal, Wild boars, Indian vipers and many more wild animals.

It is also a paradise for the birdwatchers. Flower peckers, Peacocks,  Lapwings and Warblers are the most commonly sighted birds at this place. However, the list will fall short if the counting of the bird continues.

The rocky formation of Mrugavani National Park is quite a spectacular view. Appreciated for the mesmerising natural beauty, Mrugavani National Park is covered with herbs, shrubs, Rela, Teak, Picus, Bamboo, Palas and Sandalwood.

The vegetation at this place is a fine example of  that of a tropical dry deciduous forests. Mrugavani National Park has given a remarkable effort in preserving the almost fading vegetations of the Hyderabad region.

Mrugavani National Park - Deer's

Nearby Places To Visit

A trip to Chilkur will never be complete without visiting the Chilkur Balaji Temple or the Visa Balaji Temple. This temple is extremely famous, it does not have a hundi.

This temple is absolutely free from the control of the Government rules. It is very near to the Mrugavani National Park, therefore while planning the trip make some time to pay a visit to this beautiful shrine.

Timings of The Mrugavani National Park

Like most of the tourist spots, Mrugavani National Park also has the same operating time. It opens it gate for the curious eyes sharp at 9 a.m.

You will have to be a little quick to cover the entire park, as it closes its gate at 5 p.m. You can plan your trip on any day of the week, as it remains open for seven days.

Entry and other fees

You will have to pay for anything that it good. But the entry fee of Mrugavani National Park will surely not burn a hole into your pocket.

For entering the park you will have to pay as low as Rs.5 per adult. Good news is, the park has safari rides to keep the entertainment going , if you opt for it, then it will cost you more Rs. 50 per person.

Where To Stay ?

To visit Mrugavani National Park, one will have to spend few days at Chilkur. There are ample of accommodation options available at Chilkur.

You can hire a dormitory for the staying purpose. The cottages are equally beautiful and promises the stay to be comfortable. No trip is complete without some yummy food .

There are many eateries near the park , which offers delicious food. once through with visiting the park, make the memory more happy by indulging in the delicacies.

How To Reach Mrugavani National Park ?

By Air – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the nearest to Mrugavani National Park. It will take you maximum 30 minutes to reach the tourist spot.

By Rail – Hyderabad Decan Railway Station and Nampally both are very near to Mrugavani National Park.

By Road – Mrugavani National Park is easy accessible from any place, the road connectivity is very good. You will find many private vehicles as well as government vehicles frequently going to the national park.  

Best Time To Visit

Mrugavani National Park receives 300 to 750 mm rainfall annually. In the winters the temperature can go as low as 10 degree centigrade but the summer can really be annoying and hot, the temperature sometimes read 40 degree centigrade.

Plan your trip between November to February, as the weather stay cool and you can catch many rare species during that time of the year. Avoid the month of May as the temperature can be very high during that time.

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