Mopidevi Temple

Mopidevi Temple

Hinduism is a great religion predominantly practiced in India. A wide variety of temples have been built all over the country in order to imbibe faith and hope in the people. Visiting such temples can have a positive impact on people. Andhra Pradesh is a state in South India which is home to many famous temples. Mopidevi temple is one among such temples of India.

Mopidevi temple

Mopidevi Lord Subramanyeshwara temple is located in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. It is a drive of around 2 hours from Guntur. The place is around 80 kms from Vijaywada and Machilipatnam. People travelling to Tirupati can reach this place after travelling a distance of close to seven hours. The nearest station to reach Mopidevi temple is Repalle railway station. This temple is well connected by road. Those travelling to Andhra Pradesh must not miss a visit to this wonderful and famous temple. At present, the Mopidevi Sakaleshwara Swamy temple is run by the royal family of Challapalli.

Mopidevi Temple Timings / Poojas

Mopidevi Temple Timings

Mopidevi temple poojas

This temple is famous for Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja, Anapathya dosha pooja and Naga Pratishta poojas. There are several abhishekams and poojas held here all through the day. People suffering from various problems due to astrological defects can perform poojas in this temple in order to get rid of negativity. The cost of the poojas range from Rs 10 to Rs 1000 as well. There are permanent poojas as well performed once every year. The poojas start at 5 a.m in the morning and go on till 1p.m in the afternoon. Again the poojas start at 4p.m in the afternoon and go on till 8.00 pm in the evening.  

Mopidevi temple legend

Lord Subramanya is considered to be the main deity at this temple. He is also known as Murugan in Hindu religion. According to history, Lord Subramanya appeared in the dream of an ardent devotee by the name of Veeravarapu Parvathalu and revealed his whereabouts. Another legend says that Lord Subramanya once came from heaven to Earth in order to perform penance and get rid of a sin. He came in the guise of a serpent and performed penance. The place where he performed penance in order to wash off his sin is today known as Mopidevi. It is believed that this temple has a self-manifested (Swayambhu) Lingam. At present, the temple is run by the Adusumilli family.

Mopidevi Subramanya temple is a great temple to visit for childless couples. Legend says that spending a night in the temple can help childless couples to be blessed with a child. Skanda Shashti, Kumara Shashti and Subramanya Shashti are some important festivals celebrated at this temple. The Shashti vratam poojas are held every Tuesday and Friday which are especially useful for those couples unable to conceive a child.  

Hindus come here from all over the country in order to perform Naga Pratishta pooja and get rid of any Sarpa Dosham. Performing Naga Pratishta pooja can bless the family with good fortune and prosperity. It is said that visiting this temple and performing poojas with devotion can bless one with lifelong earnings. Like many Indian temples, this temple also has a fascinating history. The depth of the Lingam remains a mystery to this day.

Mopidevi Temple Routes?

Mopidevi Temple Timings

The nearest airport to reach this temple is Gannavaram in Andhra Pradesh. There are share autos, buses and private taxis plying to the place as well. Mopidevi temple has a calm and devotional atmosphere which can be felt on reaching the temple. One feels peaceful on going there. You can feel the power of the deity. It is a very well maintained temple and one can surely enjoy the visit.

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