Modi’s policies created space for terrorists in Kashmir: Rahul Gandhi



  • Rahul said the BJP-PDP alliance has “cost India massively”
  • He said the PM’s “personal gain” has meant a “strategic loss” for India
  • ‘Modi’s personal gain= India’s strategic loss + sacrifice of innocent Indian blood,’ he tweeted

NEW DELHI: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s quest for “short-term political gain” has “created space for terrorists in Kashmir”, leading to incidents like the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims on Monday, which left seven people dead.

The Congress leader then tellingly used a formula, the kind PM Modi favours to describe things, to talk about the fallout of Modi’s BJP allying with the PDP in Kashmir to form the state government there.

Rahul said the BJP-PDP alliance has “cost India massively”.

He said the PM’s “personal gain” has meant a “strategic loss” for India, as well as the “sacrifice of innocent Indian blood”.

In his third tweet, Rahul is likely referring to the India-China border standoff in Sikkim, when he talks about “India’s strategic loss”.

On Monday, after the attack, Rahul said the PM “needs to accept responsibility” for the attack on the pilgrims.

Last week, Rahul tweeted wondering why the PM has been silent on China’s border encroachment in Sikkim.

He accused the PM of hypocrisy when it comes to China, and defended a meeting he had last week with the Chinese envoy.

The Congress leader has taken to Twitter a lot lately to criticise Modi. Last week, he called the PM “weak”, for accepting the US referring to Kashmir as “Indian-administered Kashmir” and for not bringing up the contentious H-1B visa issue.

‘India has a weak PM’, he tweeted.

In its statement on June 26, designating Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) chief Syed Salahuddin a “global terrorist “, the US referred to the northern state as “Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir”.The Centre last Thursday defended the US’s use of the term saying it only affirmed India’s position that Salahuddin is involved in “cross-border” terrorism.



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