How a Microsoft font may bring down Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif govt

panama papers

NEW DELHI: The undoing of Pakistan‘s Nawaz Sharif government might be a Microsoft Word font the PM’s daughter Maryam used while allegedly forging documents she submitted to a team investigating illegal offshore properties flagged in the Panama Papers, the country’s media reported.

Pakistan‘s Twitterati is having a field day with that bit of information, calling it #Fontgate.

On page-55 of the investigative team’s final report submitted on Monday, it says Maryam’s documents had on them sentences typed in the “Calibri” font which was not available before January 31, 2007, said The Express Tribune report. The documents themselves, though, were from 2006.

Ergo: forgery.

Still, the report noted that Wikipedia says the Calibri font was made much before 2007, in 2004. However, it was made available for public use in 2007.

Twitter was abuzz in Pakistan with #Fontgate

As someone said – and this comment holds good for India too – “Never a dull moment in Pakistani politics.”

Source: Times Of India


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