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Mantra for job, world is obsessed with achieving success and we humans literally do everything to get hold of success. Let us just say it, we run after success since the time we understand the meaning of success. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be successful at every step of their life. This might be due to lack of efficiency or due to some incident that has cropped up in our life without any prior notification. So does that mean we are always at a risk of becoming unsuccessful in life? Well, it can be averted if we chant mantras that will allow us to be successful especially in our professional life. Therein this blog, we will list few mantas and the tips for chanting them so as to achieve success in your job.

Mantra for Job & Successful Professional Life

Mantra 1: Surya Mantra

Wordings: “Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah”.

 Mantra for job - Surya

Surya Deva is worshipped by a gamut of aspirants who are seeking for fame and success in their career front. If you are looking for a job change for a better opportunity or even seeking your first job, then this mantra is your secret to getting hold of the dream job. Plus, chanting this mantra for job is not that complicated. However, there are few strict rules that you must follow if you have any plans to chant the mantra.

To start with this mantra for job, choose any Sunday morning as Sundays are considered to be Surya Deva day. Start by taking a bath, wear a squeaky clean white outfit and face the East. Move ahead by chanting six rosaries of this Surya Mantra each and every day to see yourself coming out with flying colours in your job front. In case if you want to appease Surya Deva, make sure to avoid things like meat, Masoor dal, onion, garlic, eggs, meat, alcohol and smoking for 41 days, when you’ll be chanting this mantra for wealth and success.  

We advise you to have complete faith in Surya Deva and on this mantra as it will increase your level of p[patience and allow you to achieve success faster.

Mantra 2: Hanuman Mantra

Wordings: “Om Namo Bhagavate Anjaneyaya Mahabalaya Hanumate Namah”.

Mantra for job - hanuman

Hanuman is a very loving devotee for most of us and Hanuman Mantra has shown positive results in a gamut of person’s life. So here are the rules you must follow in order to chant the mantra.

  • Make sure to start this mantra for job from any Tuesday night after ten. Make sure to take a bath and adorn yourself in red clothes.
  • Next, make sure to cover the altar with pure clean cloth. Also, put some vermilion over the cloth on which you’ll be the picture or the idol of the Lord.
  • Then, sit on a red mat in Veerasan position.
  • While sitting face the South for the sake of worshipping your Guru and then chant the mantra.
  • Light a lamp by pouring clarified butter or pure ghee in it and consider giving a bath to the Yantra of Hanuman.
  • Offer red flowers like Hibiscus as well as red fruits to the Yantra.
  • Apply Vermilion tilak on your forehead and chant 21 rounds of the mantra for the sake of success and prosperity by using some red rosaries or anything that you find around.

Once done with the process of chanting, make sure to thank Lord Hanuman. Chanting Hanuman Mantra for success is quite simple. The ritual is extremely effective and will allow you to achieve the desired success in no time.

Mantra 3: Ganapati Mantra

Wordings: “Om Geem Goom Ganpate Namah: Swaha”.

Mantra For Job - Ganapathi

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This Ganapati mantra is mainly chanted to get hold of the desired job. Lord Ganesha is yet another beloved deity for us and whenever we start a new business or get into a new job, we take the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Not only does this mantra for job helps in getting the desired job, but also helps in achieving promotion as well as maintain a healthy relationship with co-workers. Here are the rules you must follow for chanting the mantra.

  • The auspicious time to get started with this mantra is on Ganesh Chaturthi. However, choose any Wednesday and start the mantra by facing the North.
  • Take bath and wear yellow clothes for chanting the mantra.
  • In front of the idol or image of Lord Ganesha, light a pure ghee lamp.
  • Make sure to worship Lord Ganesha with flowers and incense.
  • In a row, chant five rosaries of this Ganapati Mantra.
  • Do this ritual for 11 days in arrow to experience the grace and blessing of Lord Ganesha for getting the desired job.

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