At Lonavala sets, heroine may get notice from sleuths

drugs in hyd

HYDERABAD: After failing to locate the address of a Mumbai-based actress to serve notice in the drug case, excise sleuths are likely to send the communique to her new ‘house’ at Lonavala in Maharashtra. The actress is a participant in the newly-launched Telugu reality show.

The excise sleuths have so far issued notices to 12 Tollywood personalities, including the Mumbai-based actress, in the drugs case under section 67 of the NDPS Act. However, except for the actress, the remaining Tollywood personalities have acknowledged that they received the notices.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) sleuths of the excise department could not serve the notice on the actress as they were unable to find her address. However, on Monday , the investigators came to know that the actress was participating in a popular reality show hosted by a Tollywood star. “We came to know that the show’s shoot is taking place in Lonavala and, as one of the participants of the show, the actress is likely to stay at the location for several days,” an excise department official said.

The excise sleuths were in consultation with the legal team on how to go about serving the notice to the actress.”We may send the notice directly or through fax,” an investigating official said.

Of the 12 Tollywood personalities issued notices, two are women. While the director enforcement, prohibition and excise, Akun Sabharwal, made it clear that the Tollywood personalities would be questioned at the SIT office at the excise state headquarters at Nampally, later it came to light that as per law the two actresses would be questioned at the location of their convenience.

 The questioning of Tollywood personalities would start from Wednesday and the first person scheduled to appear before the SIT is a popular director. However, the officials were not certain if the actor would appear for questioning or seek more time to do so. As part of the probe, the excise officials were meeting with India Post officials to discuss drugs being supplied by international peddlers through postal service.


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